Guess the shell Android by its appearance

Let's assume that you are not familiar with the interfaces of mobile devices. This is normal, but among you there are those who have studied the smartphone market well and can only tell from one image which shell we are talking about. In this article, we offer a little testing of our readers. Do not worry if you cannot answer all the questions correctly, because we have also prepared for you an overview of popular shells after testing, so that in case of not very successful passage you can improve your knowledge in this matter.

Guess the shell Android by its appearance

Guess the smartphone by its interface

Below are popular skins with images of their appearance.

Clean Android

Guess the shell Android by its appearance

Google has been especially approaching the design of its systems lately, however I still feel that the clean Android looks too empty and unfinished. Of course, this is not terrible Android 4, and there is no that neon style here, but the guys still have a lot to strive for. The new Material Design 2.0 is also encouraging.

It's worth noting that Pixel smartphones aren't the only ones offering clean Android. This, for example, can boast of the company HMD, which produces phones under the Nokia brand. She does this in order to speed up the release of updates and increase the support period for her gadgets. And this is a sensible step, because supporting your own shell is a rather complicated and costly process, which, in my opinion, many manufacturers, including Samsung, may refuse in the future.


Guess the shell Android by its appearance

The shell MIUI 11, although popular, in my opinion is not very attractive due to the terrible standard fonts, icons and animations. Everything about this system feels too Chinese. I still want an American approach to design from the company.

Samsung One UI

Guess the shell Android by its appearance

One UI is probably the nicest shell for Android. The company has seriously worked on the interface, making it easier to use with one hand. Not so long ago, Samsung introduced the second version of the updated shell, it became slightly better than the previous version in all respects. The company has added a number of new features. For example, OneUI 2.0 introduces a photo basket and an updated camera interface.

Oxygen OS

Guess the shell Android by its appearance

OnePlus uses a proprietary shell Oxygen OS in its smartphones. Outwardly, it is not much different from the stock Android, however, it offers a number of functional features that the clean one Android lacks. For example, OnePlus is working on a smart charging function similar to iOS: the system charges the device up to 80% at night, and two hours before waking up, charges the remaining 20%. This feature allows you to extend the battery life. Plus Oxygen OS is awesome optimization. OnePlus smartphones can be called the fastest among Android – devices. We propose to discuss this shell in Telegram.

Xperia UI

Guess the shell Android by its appearance

Sony smartphones also use a proprietary shell, but it almost completely repeats the clean one Android. Sony decided the modern Android looks good enough not to resort to modifications. The company has, of course, implemented a number of useful features, but in general we are dealing with a pure Android.


Guess the shell Android by its appearance

The company Huawei a few days ago began to update its smartphones to EMUI 10. In my opinion, the shell Huawei is inferior to OneUI both in design and in usability. In addition, the company's new smartphones will not have Google services. EMUI is a functional shell with its own style, it is not bad and quite pleasant.

Color OS

Guess the shell Android by its appearance

This shell is used by Oppo in its devices. The company's phones are quite popular in Russia due to their low cost. Color OS can hardly be called any special – this is a typical Chinese shell with the usual functionality.

Perhaps this is the entire list of the most popular Android – skins on the market. We didn't include the wrapper from HTC and LG for obvious reasons. It is interesting to know how many test scores our readers received. Share your results in the comments.

My choice

Of all the skins, I would prefer Samsung's One UI. The point is that the clean Android still seems incomplete to me. Feeling like we have a beta version of OS. At the same time, I cannot call OneUI good, because the company uses its own style. Styling in the shell is a bad sign. Android meanwhile also has its own style, but with Material 2.0 Google tried to make the interface more neutral, and it partially succeeded. In interface design, it is important that it be as neutral as possible, this will allow you not to change the design for as long as possible. This is exactly what was achieved Apple with the release of iOS 7. Since then, the company has not radically changed anything in its system, and at the same time it still seems modern. Google needs to do this too.

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