Google is in trouble. Pixel 4a release delayed

Users have long been waiting for the new Google Pixel 4a, which should be a very important device for the company. The success of last year's model, when the company decided to release a cheaper model of the flagship and assign the letter “a” to the name, has generated a lot of interest in this year's update. Now the novelty would be as relevant as possible in the conditions of what is happening in the world. People don't want to pay a lot for a smartphone. Someone did not buy the device last year, considering it a state employee, but then realized that it has advantages. As a result, many decided to wait for the second model, which is traditionally more trusted. And iPhone SE 2 also came out, designed to become a serious competitor for the upcoming flagship. We've been waiting for the new Pixel from day to day, but it looks like a hangover …

Google is in trouble.  Pixel 4a release delayed

Google PIxel 4a is one of the most exciting smartphones of the year.

Google Pixel 4a presentation

This year, as in previous ones, the Google I / O conference was due to take place in the spring. It should have shown us a new Android 11 and some gadget updates. But this did not happen, and due to the coronavirus pandemic, all events and presentations were canceled, including the Google conference itself. With Android everything is clear – there is nothing difficult to show it online. You can do the same with gadgets, but you want to touch them and share your impressions.

Okay, forget about the impressions. Let the premiere of the new smartphone also take place on the Web. Everyone has come to terms with this long ago and divided into two camps. The first suggested that now Google is not bound by the date of the conference and may show the novelty earlier. I was skeptical about this, as it usually happens the other way around – companies simply do not have time to prepare everything even for the presentation. The latter more logically waited for the Google Pixel 4a on the date when the Google I / O was supposed to take place. In April, there was even confirmation of this in the form of a batch of smartphones in boxes, which were lit up either in stores or at the factory, but there was no doubt that the novelty was already close. Additional evidence of the imminent release was the sale of the current Google Pixel 4 and 3a models.

Google is in trouble.  Pixel 4a release delayed

At the end of April this year, such photos appeared.

Now it became clear that perhaps the company was hinting at the release of the device so that people would wait for it further. She understood that she was not in time for the expected date, and therefore tried to declare herself.

When Google Pixel 4a comes out

A fresh leak from German site Caschys Blog suggests we won't see the Google Pixel 4a launch this month. Instead, we may have to wait until June.

Initially, many expected the Pixel 4a to be unveiled this week and will hit stores on May 22. This was confirmed not only by the opinions of experts and analysts, but also by the leaks that their authors passed off as real.

Now, however, the Caschys blog reports that the Vodaphone carrier's database has been updated to include a new Google Pixel 4a sale date. She became June 5th. In this case, this week's presentation seems unlikely. There is still too much time before the start of sales and it is not worth saying that it will be shown so early.

Google Pixel 4a presentation transfer

It turns out that the company has moved the launch date to a later date so as not to show now the device, which it still does not plan to sell soon. Although, is the word “postponed” appropriate when we talk about the date of the presentation, which no one promised us? The company just decided not to rush and wait a bit.

The main thing is that the wait does not get too long. Otherwise, it may turn out that the novelty will no longer be needed by anyone. Some will buy the old Google Pixel 3a, which are still very good, others will switch to iPhone SE 2, and still others will wait for the Google Pixel 5, until the release of which it will not be so long and which is rumored to be cheaper than the company's previous flagships.

Google is in trouble.  Pixel 4a release delayed

Would you buy one?

Google Pixel 4a will be released after launch Android 11

This is one of the versions that may seem logical, but it is more far-fetched than full of meaning. The fact is that Android 11 should be released on June 3. The teaser video hints to us that at this moment some hardware innovations may appear. If so, then the transfer seems logical. The only question is why connect these two events with each other and why not release a smartphone earlier if it is ready. This means that this is another proof that he is not ready and the company has some problems.

Personally, I really hope, and in the Telegram chat with me, many agree that the Google Pixel 4a will be released as early as possible. I am very interested to look at it and compare it not only with last year's Google Pixel 3a, but also with the new iPhone SE second generation. After all, in this price segment it is these two smartphones that somehow most harmoniously compete (should compete) with each other. Anyway, their convergence in price, in fact, makes them almost a bridge between iOS and Android, along which you can walk back and forth.

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