Google accidentally lit Android R. What do we know about it

Almost every commercial company does not want to know about its new product ahead of time. After all, if those who have to buy it begin to find out certain details about the new product a few months before the announcement, by the time of release they will have a strong impression that they are familiar with everything, and if so, then there is no point in spending money on the purchase. . However, Google has made it a rule to release beta versions of new versions Android long before the official presentation. Apparently, this is why she does not care too much about ensuring the safety of their development and herself reveals the lion's share of the innovations almost a year before the launch of the update.

Google accidentally lit Android R. What do we know about it

Android R has not been released yet, but we already know a thing or two about it

Google is preparing to launch the first beta build Android 11, and therefore has already begun to conduct closed tests of the update. This is confirmed by the Geekbench benchmark, in the database of which the Google Pixel 4 was lit. Despite the fact that the search giant officially abandoned the use of letter designations in the name of its operating system, it is Android R that appears in Geekbench. By and large, this is nothing doesn’t mean, after all, Google can use letters simply as a code for updates.

What's new in Android 11

Google accidentally lit Android R. What do we know about it

Google said it won't use letters in the title Android, but continues to do so

Until the date of the probable launch of the first beta Android 11 is no less than a month, and we already know some details about the update. Interestingly, almost everything that will be described below is of official origin and confirmed – either explicitly or indirectly – by Google itself.

One of the functions Android 11 will be Scoped Storage. It is a mechanism that divides the memory of smartphones into many separate cells in which applications can store their data. These cells are independent of each other and do not allow one program to enter the cell of another, thus preventing cross-data collection. The emergence of Scoped Storage is driven by security considerations, since many modern applications sin by starting to collect data from others. In fact, the release of Scoped Storage was supposed to take place a year ago, but the developers asked Google for more time to adapt their software.

Auto enable night theme on Android

The second innovation Android 11, which has been officially confirmed, is the function of automatically turning on the night theme at dusk. If now users can only set a specific time, then the scheduled mode will rely solely on sunsets and sunrises. This is very convenient, because during the year the daylight hours are constantly changing, sometimes increasing, then decreasing, and adjusting the auto-on time for the night theme every time is clearly not what users would like to do. In Android 11 the mode will be more independent.

Yes it's true. In the clean version Android, you still cannot create scrollable screenshots. As a result, in order to capture the entire dialogue in the messenger or the entire web page, users had to turn to third-party software. Nevertheless, Google promised that with one of the future updates such a function will become standard for the operating system. Hopefully, one of the future updates was Android 11.

Updates Android

Yes, the list of innovations that are likely to appear in Android 11 is not as long as we would like. However, after launching the beta testing program, I'm sure we will learn a lot that we did not even know about. And even if not, then it's okay. After all, Google, unlike Apple, does not tie innovations Android to system updates, allowing itself to release updates for any of its applications and services separately at any time of the year and independently from any factors.

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