Five reasons to buy last year's smartphone.

Many people had a choice at least once which smartphone to buy. There is a big one, there is a fast one, there is a green one. There are literally countless options. But one question always stands apart. It boils down to choosing between a new model or last year. One of the varieties of this choice can be called “buy now or wait for the release of a new model?” Both models have advantages, but the choice is still not easy every time. It's easy to drown for a new product, but we have prepared as many as five reasons to buy last year's device. Even if you disagree with them, you will definitely think about it the next time you choose your smartphone.

Five reasons to buy last year's smartphone.

The character of the famous cartoon, approves.

Why is a new smartphone more expensive?

In order to talk about the first point, we invite Captain Obvious. Who, if not him, can say that last year's smartphone is cheaper than the current model of the same line.

At the same time, now we are not talking about a regular price increase, which is generally found in the market, but about comparing the prices of two models. Within a few months after the release of the smartphone, the price for it begins to fall. Sometimes this fall is indirect and is expressed in accompanying gifts. By the way, this method is always good, because you can start giving gifts for 10,000 rubles to each smartphone, and then just stop doing it. In this case, no one will be outraged, unlike a situation where the price will simply rise. The result is the same, but everyone is happy.

Almost all manufacturers have taught us that they release new models once a year. Closer to the release of the novelty, everyone understands that it will not be long to wait and the price is gradually decreasing in order to spur demand. After the presentation, the price drops even lower.

Five reasons to buy last year's smartphone.

Last year's smartphone will not differ much from the new one.

Sometimes this difference can reach 30 percent, which is very nice for a device that was considered the best in its line only yesterday. At the same time, he also has a guarantee, since he was bought new. Move on.

The most powerful smartphone

Of course, the new product will be better than last year's model in many ways. First of all, it will be more productive. But the performance of smartphones stopped growing at such a rate that their creators could annually boast of a two-fold improvement in this indicator.

In this regard, it would be logical to assume that the performance of a modern gadget will last at least 3-4 years. As the study of the opinion of our readers has shown, in general, many agree with this opinion.

This applies not only to the processor and RAM, but also to the camera. They also stopped firing every year long ago. It often comes down to improving the software, which makes it look good rather than making it really good. For example, the picture looks good on the screen, but all the flaws and noises are visible on another device or computer. It's just that the manufacturer wanted to show the picture, after seeing which, I want to buy this smartphone. Nobody admits, but there is a feeling that the settings of the camera and its software are made taking into account the characteristics of the smartphone screen.

Five reasons to buy last year's smartphone.

Sometimes photos from a smartphone camera look so good on its screen that it becomes suspicious.

Based on this, we can conclude that last year's smartphone still works very well. After two to three years of use, if it does not break or is lost, it can be sold. At the exit, the difference will generally be minimal, since every year the loss in value is less and less. By purchasing last year's model, you will definitely save more.

The most unsuccessful smartphones

It often happens that the smartphone is not very good. First, after the presentation, everyone is delighted with him, and then his batteries begin to explode or the antenna stops working if you take him in the other hand. On the one hand, this is not so scary, because the majority will still be satisfied, but the sediment remains.

There are many such examples, but you should not do this now, because it is not the models that are important, but the risk of getting a device that will not work as promised. This could include paint on the case, battery, camera, screen, or whatever. Most likely, this will be corrected in the next generation, but if the design allows it to be done earlier, believe me, the manufacturer will not pull.

Five reasons to buy last year's smartphone.

We all remember how smartphones from Samsung burned. Remember the model? Of course remember!

From here we get that in a smartphone that has been produced for a year now, defects are either fixed, or they simply did not exist. There is no risk, everyone is happy.

Smartphone case

I remember that after the release of DJI OSMO Pocket, I could not find accessories for it. There were originals, but they are not always good and something outside began to appear only after a while, when the Chinese had time to measure everything properly.

The situation is similar with smartphones. When they come out, only the manufacturer and those closest to him have covers and other accessories for them. That is, choosing the same cover or film on glass, you will have to choose literally from several options.

After at least a month, the Chinese wave of accessories is reaching counters and online stores. After a year, there are even more of them. Moreover, as is the case with smartphones, many of them are offered a good discount due to the fact that they are already somewhat outdated.

Five reasons to buy last year's smartphone.

It is better to buy an original cover, but for older models there are also third-party ones.

The conclusion is simple, buying a smartphone that came out more than just, you will never have problems with accessories.

Can i buy a used smartphone?

On my own I can answer this question in the negative. I just don't like it. Anything, including cars, I prefer to buy new. Let it be simpler, but it will be new. This is my position, even though someone constantly argues with it.

If you think that there will be used smartphones, you have a direct road to last year's device. The difference between the new model and last year's out-of-the-box version will not be as big as in the used one, but it will still cost much less.

Moreover, the sale of a device that has been in use for about a year is not as suspicious as a completely new one. The main thing is to carefully check everything and not get caught by scammers.

Five reasons to buy last year's smartphone.

Buying a used smartphone can save you a lot. The main thing is to check everything properly.

Separately, it should be noted that the market sags a little before the release of a new model and a slight decrease in prices is also observed in the secondary market. This is the best time to buy a used device.

Which smartphone should you buy?

As you can see, there are several reasons to buy exactly last year's device. It may be new or already in someone's caring hands, but last year's models clearly have a right to life.

Sometimes there are even cases when the model of the previous generation looks better than the new item in terms of key parameters. For example, smartphones Huawei that were released before the sanctions were introduced can work with Android and all Google services. Later models have some problems in this regard. Of course, if we are not talking about some models that are devoid of these problems, but they have a small skeleton in the closet. In fact, these are old smartphones, but released under new names and cases. From the point of view of the market, this is a new smartphone, but from the point of view of hardware, it is not. The only really new smartphones are the ones that can't work with Google, like the Huawei Mate 30 Pro.

The choice, as they say, is up to you, but now you are armed with some thoughts that will allow you to make a better choice.

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