Essential Phone no longer exists

Many people at one time praised the smartphone created by the father Android Andy Rubin. The public not only praised him for the fact that he was essentially the first frameless smartphone in the understanding of that time, but also for the fact that he had to be something out of the ordinary, if such a person took on the creation and almost for the sake of this one left the previous post. In fact, everything turned out to be a little different. At first, the smartphone sold poorly, then sales sagged even more, all this was accompanied by scandals, and in the end everything came to what we now have. And we have the end of this manufacturer. Why did this happen and could something be changed?

Essential Phone no longer exists

This smartphone will remain the last for the company.

In literal translation, the name of the company Essential, which migrated to the name of the smartphone, means “Essential”. There is an opinion that how you name the ship, so it will float. Apparently, Andy Rubin thought so too, but in reality it turned out to be another “Trouble” instead of “Victory”.

Nowadays, it is not logical to enter the market with one smartphone model and try to conquer it, no matter how cool a manager you are and no matter what merits you have in the past. All this pales against the background of the money invested in this process by corporations like Samsung, Apple, LG, Huawei and others. Even BBK, which was able to bring OnePlus to the market and make it the idol of many millions of users, could afford to take the time to swing, then gradually rise to the top level. Such market players can afford to work even at a loss if they do it for the long term.

Moreover, many Chinese companies have a certain head start in the face of a couple of billions of fellow citizens who, despite their love for iPhone, are ready to support their own. As a result, market entry is smoother and more confident.

Essential Phone no longer exists

Many people liked him.

When the Essential Phone came out

The first Essential smartphone was called the Essential Phone PH-1 and debuted in 2017. The planned success was based on high quality hardware and clean software without unnecessary shells and unnecessary bells and whistles.

At first, it all looked very nice and many wanted to get this smartphone, but after the first reviews were released, everything fell into place, and users began to be disappointed in the new product. Now the company has come to its logical conclusion and has released the latest update for its devices.

The last update came out on February 3rd. Smartphones will of course work, but not only will not receive the update to Android 11, but even the security updates.

Instead of pushing the updates for a few more months, the Essential Phone software updates are coming to an end. The February 3rd security update released earlier this month will be the last update PH-1 will ever receive, eliminating the possibility of official updates for Android 11 or additional security fixes. Only unofficial builds will be available and may be delayed significantly.

To support users, the manufacturer promised to post on its website all the necessary materials that will allow them to more or less fully continue to use their smartphones.

In general, we can say that the creators of Essential are still great, as they have provided support for the smartphone for almost three years. For Android smartphones this is a very long time. Previously, this was only seen in Apple. This approach should be taken into account by other manufacturers of smartphones.

Essential Phone no longer exists

This is also the brainchild of Essential, but it never came out.

In the history of the company, you can recall an interesting smartphone GEM. True, he never came out. However, there were leaks about him that indicated his unusual shape.

It had to be elongated and at the same time compact. That is, it would not be the Xperia 1, but it could be a good alternative to modern devices and add a little variety to the boring feast of the same type of smartphones. It is a pity that it did not grow together with him.

Surely Andy Rubin will come up with some new project for himself, but the current situation once again made it clear that one person, only due to his name, will not be able to pull out a large project to create a smartphone. The times are not right. Romance doesn't work anymore.

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