Samsung is preparing the Galaxy S20 Fan Edition. How it differs from the regular Galaxy S20

Samsung has always been famous for its wide range of smartphones. Despite the fact that in recent years the company has abandoned several lines, the total number of models is still quite extensive. Affected by the growth of flagship devices, which previously came out in a year only three, and now – 5-6. This is quite a lot, but Samsung clearly decided not to take this step out of the blue, but carefully researched the market and the needs of buyers who want a flagship, but are willing to pay different money for it. Therefore, it was only a matter of time before an available version appeared.

Samsung is preparing the Galaxy S20 Fan Edition.  How it differs from the regular Galaxy S20

Galaxy S20 will be cheaper, even if Samsung will have to release a new model for this

Yes, the Galaxy S20 Fan Edition will be the most affordable version of Samsung's flagship smartphone that consumers were missing at the start of sales. If you remember, this year the Koreans decided that there was no place for the continuation of the Galaxy S10e in their lineup, so the classic Galaxy S20 was forced to play the role of an inexpensive smartphone. It could be called such only conditionally, and even then – only against the background of the Galaxy S20 Ultra, which in the top configuration was estimated at as much as 1,500 dollars. But the Galaxy S20 Fan Edition will be clearly cheaper.

Galaxy S20 Fan Edition specifications

Samsung is preparing the Galaxy S20 Fan Edition.  How it differs from the regular Galaxy S20

The first smartphone with Fan Edition was the re-released Galaxy Note 7

The Galaxy S20 Fan Edition should be released in the very near future. The smartphone will be released in two versions: with support 5G and without. The detailed specifications of the new model are unknown, but according to rumors, it will receive the same processor as the classic S20 – Snapdragon 865 for the American and Asian markets and Exynos 990 for Russia and Europe. In this case, the amount of memory will also remain the same – 128 GB expandable with microSD cards. But everything else is in question.

Based on the logic that this is an affordable smartphone, we can assume that Samsung will cut the amount of RAM or the resolution of the cameras. Most likely, it will be so – after all, the Koreans need to save on something. But the battery capacity, as practice shows, on the contrary, can grow. Therefore, it is possible that the Galaxy S20 Fan Edition will be a real long-liver, which will be bought not least because of its autonomy. After all, price reduction is always a compromise. And so he will at least not be so striking.

How much does the Galaxy S20 Fan Edition cost

Samsung is preparing the Galaxy S20 Fan Edition.  How it differs from the regular Galaxy S20

Galaxy S20 Fan Edition shouldn't be too expensive

Perhaps someone will ask where the Fan Edition came from. Few know that a few years ago Samsung re-released the failed Galaxy Note 7 under the name Galaxy Note Fan Edition. The company replaced the battery, equipped the device with a more modern processor than it was originally, and released it for sale at a more attractive price than the original. The smartphone sold surprisingly quickly despite being exclusively available in South Korea. In this regard, I assume that Samsung has decided to repeat this marketing campaign, extending its effect to all countries of the world.

The question of the price of the Galaxy S20 Fan Edition remains open. On the one hand, it is still a flagship, which means that you cannot drop the price too much. But, on the other hand, the consumer may not understand the company's desire to weld on a conditionally affordable device. Therefore, I would bet that Samsung will value the new product at $ 649 “from them” and about 45 thousand rubles “from us.” This is quite an adequate price, considering that even in gray retail, the original Galaxy S20 cannot be bought for less than 50 thousand. But, again, to keep consumers from looking in its direction, the S20 Fan Edition should attract with something unique, which may well be a high-capacity battery.

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