Download Samsung Galaxy S20 Wallpaper

Samsung is gearing up to unveil the Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20 Plus and Galaxy S20 Lite on February 11. All phones in the line are rumored to receive 12 gigabytes of RAM as standard. In addition, smartphones of the line will be equipped with displays with a refresh rate of 120 Hz. They will be powered by the flagship Snapdragon 865 processor and the Exynos 990. And this is just a small part of what fans of the line may like. But, of course, the main thing is the wallpaper. They have already been leaked into the network, and for the sake of sharing them with our readers.

Download Samsung Galaxy S20 Wallpaper

Wallpaper Samsung Galaxy S20

What else will the company show at Unpacked 2020? Samsung plans to introduce the Galaxy Z Flip (Fold 2) foldable smartphone, codenamed Bloom. The main feature of the phone will be a folding screen in the form of a book, similar to Motorola Moto Z.

Download wallpaper in original resolution

Download Samsung Galaxy S20 Wallpaper

Wallpaper Samsung Galaxy S20

There are 4 high quality wallpapers in total, all of them are made in the style of Samsung. The most popular solution will probably be dark wallpapers, as they are the ones that consume the least battery power.

Why is it important to change your wallpaper frequently?

There comes a time when the manufacturer stops supporting the device by releasing updates. In this case, the only thing that can diversify the use of the phone may be changing the wallpaper on the desktop. And that is why, probably, you, dear reader, decided to visit this page.

Why AMOLED – screens are friendly with black colors?

It's all about the manufacturing technology of such matrices. Conventional IPS-displays have a backlight around the perimeter of the screen, which, passing through the filters, shows the desired color. AMOLED – Displays work differently. In such screens there is no general illumination: each pixel is a series of subpixels of different colors (blue, red, green), a subpixel is a small diode that can operate in two states (on and off). This allows you to completely turn off the diodes on a black background, which significantly saves battery power. However, there is a problem – pulse width modulation (PWM).

What is PWM?

PWM or Pulse Width Modulation is a way to adjust the brightness of OLED – displays. At 100% brightness, the screen pixels always work, but if you start to lower the brightness, they will quickly switch from active to inactive, creating a visually low brightness effect. This flickering of pixels is detrimental to vision. That is why DC-Dimming technology was invented.

What is DC-Dimming?

This technology allows you to remove the negative effects of PWM. It will not be possible to get rid of pulse width modulation completely, but the flicker itself will be noticeably smoothed out, which will make the negative impact on the eyes minimal.

What wallpapers do you usually use on smartphones? Share them in our Telegram chat.

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