Did you know that your Android – smartphone belongs not only to you?

If I ask you who owns your smartphone, most likely, you – immediately after twisting your finger to your temple – tell me what you need. In fact, this is really so, because you paid for it or received it from someone as a gift. It seems that everything is simple and corresponds to the framework of the law, which defines ownership as the physical possession of a thing and the ability to dispose of it at your discretion. However, this is only true for iPhone, which you can actually dispose of as you want. But with Android – smartphones the situation is completely different. I'll prove it now.

Did you know that your Android - smartphone belongs not only to you?

Your Android – smartphone isn't really yours

If you think that I chose such an eyeliner for the catchphrase, then it is not. Despite the fact that your Android smartphone actually belongs to you, completely strangers can manage it and even profit from it. This was recently proved by Adobe, which took and built into the Photoshop version for Android a special mechanism that introduces direct links to download its other applications in the Share menu. That is, when the user wants to send something to someone, then, in addition to the list of installed applications for communication, he will also see the icons of uninstalled programs.

Advertising in Android

Did you know that your Android - smartphone belongs not only to you?

It is clearly seen here that Adobe has infiltrated the system component Android and is using it for its own purposes.

It may seem to many that there is nothing of the sort. Well, the developer advertises his software and advertises. He certainly has such a right. But only within the limits of its own application, while it has no right – at least moral – to invade the system interface. Obviously, Adode is not alone in this. A quick analysis showed that Microsoft, which also forcibly embeds links to branded applications in the Share menu, in a similar way. This is horror!

Just imagine that all developers – and on Google Play they are not always conscientious – will use your smartphone to make money. After all, frankly speaking, advertising is a tool for making money, albeit an indirect one: you saw the application, downloaded it, started using it, perhaps subscribed or watched embedded advertising. All this brings the developer income. True, it is not very clear why he uses for this what he does not even belong to a hundredth share?

Than Android is worse iOS

Did you know that your Android - smartphone belongs not only to you?

Although developers do not have physical access to your smartphone, they can still use it to a certain extent.

With developers, in general, everything is clear – many of them are really completely unprincipled people. However, I want to ask, how does Google do this? After all, this means that the search giant approves of such behavior, which is rather questionable not only from a moral but also from a practical point of view. After all, the Share menu is one of the most important system components, whose security must be ensured especially carefully, since it is the link between the operating system, all installed applications and the user's personal data. If this is neglected, then all information about the user can be either stolen directly or deceived and forced to independently reveal everything that the attackers need.

You will again accuse me of venality and idolatry of the company Apple and its iOS. But I just can't keep quiet. Still, Cupertino never allowed themselves anything like that, especially carefully protecting the system components that can somehow interact with the personal data of users. For Google, as practice shows, such negligence has already become the norm. Instead of taking a conventional whip and disperse these developers, who climbed the company around the neck and dangled their legs, to hell, it does nothing. Obviously, this will continue to happen as long as users allow themselves to be treated like this. Live with it.

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