Android is the most popular system for smartphones

Android Android is an operating system that is used not only in smartphones, but also in e-books. Additionally, it can be found on some game consoles and even wristwatches. In the future, the specified operating system will be installed on cars. It should be noted right away that Android is made on the Linux kernel. Previously, all rights to the operating system belonged to the Android trademark, but now the technology is owned by Google.


Among the main advantages of the system is the presence of an open platform. Thus, Android is great for surfing the Internet. Additionally, Android is capable of boasting integration with many Google services. Now many companies are creating new applications for the system. Another advantage is that Android is allowed to run on platforms like ARM and MIPS. The latest version of this operating system supports the multiuser mode that many smartphone users have been waiting for.

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Additionally, it is important to decide on the software. Applications for the system are made using byte code. Most often, the Dalvik virtual machine is used for this purpose and the ARC installation packages are used. A distinctive feature of the system is the availability of many libraries. In particular, we are talking about multimedia archives that work with a 2D graphics engine.

At the same time, it is possible to process files with HTML format. Naturally, the operating system supports 3D applications. We should also mention secure data transmission. Unlike iOS, it is possible to work with protocols of different versions. Android can give access to the status bar. There is also an option to exchange data between applications. Thanks to Manager technology, access to resources has appeared that allow you to work with not only PNG files, but also XML files. Android also makes it possible to track active applications.

Applications Android

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Are there any downsides

What are the disadvantages of this system? First of all, some Android devices can transmit personal identification data of the user. In particular, many Google services are designed for the system to report the exact location of the device. Additionally, it is worth remembering that Android can work with unverified sources. All this increases the volume of pirated programs. It is also important to say about the incompatibility of some applications that are written in C and C ++. As a rule, ordinary low-level modules are used for this.

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