An unnecessary gadget from Microsoft is also delayed

I have always said that I am in favor of everything new. I like it when manufacturers try their hand and offer something unusual and promising. But sometimes they go too far and start something completely incomprehensible. Especially often it happens when the new is offered for the sake of the fact of the new. This refers to a new product from Microsoft, which they promised to release last year, but still cannot do it. It is impossible to say that we are very upset, but the very fact that the company promised something and then postponed it indefinitely raises some questions. From what was really expected, you can recall AirPower from Apple. However, in the case of Microsoft there are still chances, but whether we need its new device is a question.

An unnecessary gadget from Microsoft is also delayed

Not all gadgets are created equal.

Folding device from Microsoft

Earlier this week Microsoft hinted that the launch of its Surface Neo foldable tablet Windows was postponed indefinitely. But what about her other foldable product, the Surface Duo? While the launch is scheduled for 2020, it is not clear exactly when this will happen. Especially against the background of what is happening in the world now.

Microsoft first announced the Surface Duo alongside the now suspended Surface Neo at a press conference in October 2019. Although the device is folded and is the size of a smartphone, Microsoft does not position it as a phone. The product, which was later spotted in public places in February 2020, will feature two displays that are separated by a folding hinge. The user will be able to use one application on one screen and another application on the second screen, and some applications can be extended to both displays. Sounds good, but why?

When will Microsoft Surface Duo come out

Microsoft did not reveal most of the Surface Duo's specs. The press conference device had a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor and ran on Android 9 Pie. I would like to believe that after so much time, something newer will appear in the final version. At least Android 10, or even the future Android 11. The price has not yet been announced, so the company has a certain freedom of maneuver in order to change something in the design and adjust the price, which was definitely discussed within the company.

An unnecessary gadget from Microsoft is also delayed

Well, I'll open it like this. But why?

It is also rumored that the development of the previously announced Surface Neo tablet based on Windows has indeed been suspended.

Microsoft Product Director Panos Panay wrote in a blog post that the company will now be 'looking for the right moment' to release dual-screen devices running Windows 10 X, which was previously specially designed for such products. Windows 10 X is still in development, but will now be used primarily on newer single screen products.

Microsoft took a chance by unveiling the Surface Neo and Surface Duo a year ahead of the estimated release date. Now that the Neo tablet has been mothballed, it's up to the Surface Duo to find out if this could affect the overall plans Microsoft for Surface hardware. The company just announced updates to some of its older Surface products, including the Surface Book 3 2-in-1 laptop and Surface Go 2 tablet.

Cons of folding devices

When manufacturers release tablets or smartphones that do not impress with performance, but offer an interesting design, this is good. Releasing devices with unusual features, like squeeze edges or an outgoing camera, is great too. Even the release of smartphones with a folding screen deserves attention and respect, despite their price tag and dubious functionality today. Let them have a fold and let them break, but this really pulls on the product of the future.

An unnecessary gadget from Microsoft is also delayed

It may be convenient, but not all.

Sure, splitting apps sounds tempting, but splitting can be done on any regular tablet. This will be implemented even better, since you can drag content from one application to another and your finger will not stumble over this threshold.

Yes, the foldable device will be more compact, but this is why smartphones with a foldable screen are being developed, which are compact in their usual state, but when unfolded they turn almost into a tablet. It is really convenient as it makes it possible to realize the idea of ​​”two in one”. Tell us in our chat if you need such a device.

The variant from Microsoft looks like an economy class folding device against this background. Of course, it will find its buyers, but there is a feeling that the price tag for it will be very immodest, and there will be few such buyers. As they say, we'll wait and see, but personally I have not yet had the slightest desire to get to know this device better, although I have a tendency to overestimate new items and wait for the opportunity to get to know them personally. Disappointment comes later, but before I go out I want to try everything. Everything except the foldable Surface.

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