5 reasons to buy Google Chromecast

Sometimes you really want to watch something, but putting it on the TV is not so easy. The computer still needs to be connected somehow, the corresponding SmartTV function needs to be found, but from a smartphone it is generally not clear how to do this. As a result, we watch content on a smartphone and suffer from the fact that we have a bad sound and a small picture. But literally one small device separates us from the broadcast to the large black rectangle that hangs on the wall. The best part is that it is very inexpensive and, for all its small functionality, there are at least several reasons why you should buy it now.

5 reasons to buy Google Chromecast

Such a gadget will perfectly complement any TV.

How to watch videos from your phone on TV

Right now, watching video at home has become the most relevant. It's boring at home, you have to do something, and it's time to review all the content that you missed while you were actively working, and on weekends they found things more interesting.

The device that is manufactured by Google and which became, in fact, one of the first successful Made by Google products, is perfect for this. Even if this is only a content receiver without complex built-in functions, the functionality of even those gadgets that have already been released continues to expand.

If you have such a device, you can send audio and video content to it from your smartphone or tablet. Even iPhone is fine, but in this case the functionality will be greatly reduced. It is better to use Google Chromecast in conjunction with a smartphone or tablet on Android.

Yes, the gadget does not have a control panel, but it does not need it. This is how his system is built. The Google Home application is used for configuration, and for control – the smartphone itself, from which the content is broadcast.

If you have thought about such a purchase, here are five reasons why you should decide on it.

How much does Google Chromecast cost

There are several versions of Chromecast available, but your best bet is to go for the 1080p version that offers the best value for money. At around £ 3,500, you don't get a lot of hardware, but you don't need to pay any subscription fees unless you want to use Netflix, YouTube Premium, HBO +, Disney +, or others.

5 reasons to buy Google Chromecast

Many services are supported and some of them are listed on the box.

You can set up your own package of streaming platforms for much less than cable TV. Plus, since the Chromecast only acts as a receiver, you can take it with you wherever you go to connect to TVs on the go (when self-isolation ends). For example, in a hotel.

Which TVs can Chromecast be used with

You are not limited to only Android smartphones to watch videos via Chromecast, and you also don't need a specific TV model. Just plug a small device into the HDMI port, connect to a Wi-Fi network, and you're good to go.

Many applications have Google Cast built in. This means that Chromecast can be used even in applications that you never thought they could. There are such applications for both iOS and Android (including built-in ones).

The ability to use Google Assistant

Because the Chromecast is Google's big infrastructure gadget, it supports Google Assistant. That is, it will be possible to control it with a voice. Many people do not need this, but why not try it, suddenly you will like it. Although, of course, using the usual controls is sometimes much easier.

5 reasons to buy Google Chromecast

So Google Chromacast took refuge in my kitchen behind the TV.

But having this opportunity, you can ask to play, pause, as well as rewind the video forward or backward – and these are only the most basic features. Once you've linked your favorite services, you can ask to play your latest YouTube subscriptions, a specific Netflix video, and more. And just change the volume. Isn't it cool?

Fast access capabilities

Yes, Google Chromecast does not have a remote control, but due to the ability to control voice, any family member will be able to control playback through the installed voice assistant and at any time watch what he is interested in.

This makes Chromecast a great smart home add-on if you want to build one. And just any family member will be able to launch from his smartphone on the TV what will be of interest to him.

Google Stadia on TV

If you're willing to pay a little more for the Chromecast Ultra, with a Google Stadia subscription, it turns your Chromecast into a pocket-sized game console capable of playing the very best Triple-A games.

5 reasons to buy Google Chromecast

It may not be possible to install the necessary applications on it, but it works great in a TV-smartphone bundle.

With the existing free Google Stadia tier, select games can be played without an additional subscription. Currently, only the official Stadia controller works with the platform, but if you already own a Chromecast Ultra it is much cheaper to afford 4K gaming than a comparable console or gaming PC. The only question is that it will be “all in one bottle”. For games, I personally would use consoles. They are more expensive, but the games there are completely different – I like them more.

Is it possible to buy Google Chromecast in Russia

Yes, you can buy it in Russia. Specifically, I bought mine in Germany, but we also have them and cost about the same – the difference will not be very big. The average price on Yandex Market is about 3,500 rubles. Some stores offer a little more expensive, some a little cheaper, but it is better to focus on a store you trust.

5 reasons to buy Google Chromecast

Estimated prices for Google Chromacast. There are many offers.

If you have ideas about the benefits of Google Chromecast or vice versa, you do not recommend buying it, write about it in our Telegram chat. They are all their own and they will only be grateful for useful advice. And it will be interesting for me to read an alternative opinion.

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