5 best alternatives to Google Music

It's high time to stop downloading music downloaded from questionable sites to your smartphone. Firstly, it is inconvenient, secondly, it is long, thirdly, you need to know in advance what to download and be limited to a certain playlist. At the same time, for a couple of hundred rubles a month, which is now not so expensive for many, you can get a huge media library and always carry it with you. And at the same time, encourage your favorite artist with a pretty penny. In the age of high-speed, almost unlimited Internet, it makes no sense to use the old methods. So you can return to audiocassettes. If you haven’t tried such services yet, I have prepared for you a selection of where to start.

5 best alternatives to Google Music

You can listen to music in different ways.

Music by subscription

Now there are a lot of subscription services through which it is convenient to listen to music. They allow you to listen to both streaming music in collections without saving it to the phone's memory, and download it for listening on the subway or on the plane. The size of one song is approximately 5-10 MB. That is, with an average length of 5-6 minutes, about 70-100 MB of traffic is spent per hour during streaming. Considering today's rates, this is not much. But, if you have little traffic in your tariff or you are in roaming, it is better to download the necessary songs in the phone memory in advance. Just select a song and click download.

You just need to remember that even the music downloaded to the smartphone's memory will stop playing when the subscription ends. Therefore, you just need to make sure that the same couple of hundred rubles are on the card, which can be written off for payment of the next month. As practice shows, 150-200 rubles a month is not that much money for a modern person who could afford a smartphone. If we compare this price with a glass of coffee, not even from a coffee shop, but from a fast food restaurant, or the price of a couple of bottles of foam, then it generally ceases to seem high.

Music services available in Russia

Almost all music services that exist in the world are represented in Russia, but there are also ours. For example, MTS Music, which we will not dwell on in detail, as it is more aimed at the subscribers of this operator. There are other options, some of which you may not pay for at all.

In general, we can say that here such entertainment costs almost nothing. I'm talking about those services that are officially presented here. For example, Apple Musiс in the US costs 10 dollars a month, while we have only 169 rubles. That is, a little over two dollars.

Apple Music – in the camp of the enemy

To be honest, I really like this service and I mainly use it. There is a lot of music in it, it's not bad, although the recommendations are not ideally built, and you can also use it not only on your different devices, but even take a family subscription for 269 rubles and use it with family or friends (up to a maximum of five people).

5 best alternatives to Google Music

Apple Music

Apple Music is believed to be the closest app to Google Play Music. It has a huge library of over 60 million songs (though who can count them), the ability to listen to on-demand content and music selections, and the ability to download up to 100,000 songs of its music. The automatic download process is a bit tricky if you don't have a Mac. I have not used this, but it can be useful to many. The service has almost all the same features as Google Play Music. Although, there are things that would not hurt to pull up.

Download Apple Music

Yandex.Music – the most Russian

I like Yandex.Music for the way it builds selections of Russian rock. This completely coincides with my tastes. This is mainly what I use this service for. There is a first free month for new users. Then the subscription will cost 169 rubles per month.

5 best alternatives to Google Music


If you use a Yandex Plus subscription, then Music is already included in it and you can use this service without paying anything. Actually, that's what I do.

Download Yandex.Music

Sound Cloud – universal harvester

SoundCloud is another good option to replace YouTube Music. It has both services for playing popular music of famous artists, and the ability to listen to aspiring artists. Sometimes you can find very interesting music among them. Some content is free, but you have to pay for something.

5 best alternatives to Google Music

Sound Cloud.

A feature of the application is that it is not Russified. But the service not only supports listening to music, but also makes it possible to download something of your own.

Download Sound Cloud

Music service via VPN

Some music services do not work well in Russia and applications cannot be downloaded from Russian Google Play. To use them, you will have to 'walk around' a little.

Tidal – Streaming Hi-Fi?

This application is not available on the Russian Google Play, so you will have to bypass it. But it allows you not only to listen to music with a bitrate of 320 Kbps, which is not bad, but not enough to be considered Hi-Fi. You can download music to your phone in maximum quality, or stream music with 16-bit FLAC at 44.1 kHz or 24-bit MQA at 96 kHz. This is very good and this format will be appreciated by real fans.

5 best alternatives to Google Music


However, good headphones are needed for such playback. We have already raised the topic of good and different headphones more than once in this and this article.

Download Tidal

Spotify – looking forward to coming to Russia

This service is somewhat of a household name in the music streaming industry. He has tens of millions of subscribers and an army of fans who are just waiting for him to come to this or that country.

5 best alternatives to Google Music


In Russia, there are always rumors that the service will appear very soon, but somehow it does not work out. Most likely, this is due to copyright holders, whom Spotify did not manage to bend under itself in the same way as it did Apple. There is an option to offer your services at a regular price, but in terms of rubles it will be more than 700 rubles. Few people want to pay that kind of money for music when there are analogs five times cheaper.

Therefore, while we are waiting or continue to listen to music from Spotify, but through a VPN. By the way, you can listen to it for free, but then you have to put up with advertising.

Download Spotify

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