YouTube surprised with its statistics

Who doesn't watch YouTube? Probably the Old Believers who live in the forest and see another life only when the huntsman's helicopter flies over them. Of course, I do not mean “looks constantly”. After all, even those who insist that they are not watching, at least several times a month, come across videos from this service. It is simply impossible to ignore it. All reviews, all demos, all educational video tutorials and all the “fun with cats” are located there. We are constantly sending each other links, and therefore any person who has access to the Web, with all their will, cannot pass by. New data obtained by analysts only confirms this statement. What is this data?

YouTube surprised with its statistics

The most popular video hosting.

YouTube is the monster of today's entertainment industry. Yes, a very large part of the content is useless or just duplicates itself, but the volume of this content and the outgoing traffic of the service is simply huge. A few years ago, there was information that so many videos were uploaded to YouTube that a whole human life would not be enough to watch everything.

The secret to the popularity of the service is simple. It is cost-free. The video can be watched for free or by subscription without ads, paying a couple of hundred rubles. In addition, the site was one of the first of its kind, and thanks to this, it gained its own army of fans. One cannot exclude the factor of a successful name, which sounds beautiful and biting. And of course, another important secret of success is that the service is promoted by Google itself. Remember, for almost every query on the results page, there are several videos that often answer the question. You don't even need to read anything. Everything is in the spirit of trends, largely created by YouTube itself and similar services. It turns out to be a vicious circle.

YouTube view statistics

According to data compiled by AppAnnie, YouTube is the dominant force in online streaming, with the platform accounting for over 70% of the total time we spend using streaming services on mobile devices.

If the report is to be believed, YouTube on mobile specifically pushes aside strong services like Netflix, HBO and a few others. Much of this popularity can be due to the fact that YouTube is almost all over the world and it is free, in contrast to the above services.

The main YouTube audience is young people and teenagers, who are also the most active Internet users. Although, the statistics do not include Chinese users, since in this country Google services, including YouTube, are not available to everyone.

There are services that are less demanding in terms of time and viewing conditions. TikTok (60 seconds maximum) and the recently released Byte (6 seconds maximum) are examples of this, but they only allow you to download short or very short videos, and because of this are even more densely included in the entertainment category. Netflix, on the other hand, produces shows that are overwhelmingly at least 30 minutes long. YouTube allows you to upload videos of any length. As a result, everyone can find their own format.

Returning to watching YouTube in China, or rather “not watching” it, it can be noted that the rest of the services that were included in the top five, on the contrary, feel very good in the Celestial Empire. It would be interesting to look at the dominance figures if a Google service were available in this country.

YouTube surprised with its statistics

These are the statistics.

The report also reveals that YouTube is strengthening its position on the streaming music front. YouTube Music now has an audience of approximately 15 million subscribers. Likewise, Google Music is not needed. And players like Spotify and Apple Music should also consider a new competitor.

Finally, it’s worth adding that YouTube recently generated $ 15 billion in ad revenue. At the moment, there are no prerequisites for this amount to stop growing and by the end of 2020 the record did not fall.

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