You have to be more careful! Google burned Pixel 4a, but quickly spotted the error

How much can you google, eh? Once again, you are making accidental or intentional leaks that show your new Google Pixel 4a. As a result, every time we get something incomprehensible and every time we wait for the release of the smartphone that we want to see so much. It turns out strangely that this smartphone, according to all calculations and leaks, should have been released in May, if not in April, but is constantly postponed. We have already seen the boxes from under it, we saw the mailing list with prices, which hinted at how much they would cost. We even saw the opinion of reputable analysts who said that we would definitely see the new product on July 3, but it still did not exist. But here's another hint.

You have to be more careful!  Google burned Pixel 4a, but quickly spotted the error

Everyone is waiting for this smartphone, but it is still impossible to say if it will ever come out.

Google Pixel 4a leaks

It all started when the pandemic began, and Google canceled the Google I / O conference, which was supposed to bring us the light version of the Google Pixel 4. Then many started talking about the fact that the smartphone is actually almost ready and may come out even earlier than the planned date conferences. Like, there will be no official event anyway, so you can skip it and show the novelty as soon as possible. That was logical, because this was the only way Google could compete with the OnePlus 8 and iPhone SE of the second generation.

Later it was reported that key employees of the Google Pixel development team left the project. Whether this could have influenced the launch date of the new product is still unclear, but it is possible that they left precisely because they did not meet the deadlines, and before that they had already failed with the release of Google Pixel 4. Even the dig's management agreed that the model turned out not as good as planned.

There were also leaks of boxes, supposedly from the store. There were leaks from analysts who said they were about to. There were indoor materials that showed what the outdoor advertisement would look like. There were mailings with the text “how much would you buy a new Pixel”. In short, there was a lot! Only the smartphone itself was missing. And here again …

Google Pixel 4a appeared on the Google website

The photo of the novelty appeared on the Canadian website of the company in the most unexpected place. This place turned out to be the section of the site, in which the company's products were to be shown, and it was in this place that the Nest Wi-Fi router was supposed to be.

You have to be more careful!  Google burned Pixel 4a, but quickly spotted the error

It is written that this is Nest Wi-Fi, but this is not it. Don't you think so?

Attentive users immediately noticed that something is wrong here and the router cannot have a large screen and cameras on both sides. It was, of course, the Google Pixel 4a. Does this mean that the smartphone should already go on sale from day to day? Of course not. It works sometimes, but it doesn't seem to be the case with the Google Pixel 4a. Regarding him, not a single leak works as it should.

Most likely, the smartphone does exist and is being prepared for release (or is being prepared), but the link could have appeared for two reasons. First, someone may have mistakenly linked to another image. Secondly, the company could have done it on purpose so that everyone would notice it. I believe in this option much more than in chance. There have been too many of these “accidents”, and knowing how companies themselves deliberately make supposedly accidental leaks in order to stir up interest, I believe in it even less.

Regardless of what it was – a mistake or an intentional leak – the company quickly removed it, and now everything is fine on the site. Nest Wi-Fi fell into place, and we actually received the first official render of a new smartphone, but so far we have not even received an approximate release date.

I would like to believe that the placement of the image can be considered a symbol of the fact that the device is already on its way, but hope is already gradually fading. At one time, I was really looking forward to it, as I was pleasantly surprised by last year's Google Pixel 3a, but now I'm losing interest in it more and more. If a company deliberately heats up the market in this way, then overheating is also bad.

You have to be more careful!  Google burned Pixel 4a, but quickly spotted the error

So you can see how the Google Pixel 4a or something like it will look like. In essence it is. first official render.

When Google Pixel 4a comes out

Now they started talking about the fact that a new smartphone may be presented around August, but does this make sense? On the one hand, a new smartphone will never be superfluous, but everything has its time.

A few months ago I wrote an article about the timing of the release of the Google Pixel 4a perfectly chosen, but then I was confident that it should be released just about. Now time is lost and the smartphone is becoming less and less relevant, since the release of Google Pixel 5 is not far off. It is not very logical to release last year's device just before the launch of the new one.

Moreover, buyers can rush to the inexpensive Pixel and the flagship will again fail in retail. To prevent this from happening, the state employee must be released no later than six months after the release of the parent flagship. That's why I'm not ruling out a fundamentally different release date for the Pixel 4a.

It is possible that it will be admitted simultaneously with the release of the Google Pixel 5, but it will no longer be called 4a, but somehow differently. In the end, I don’t want to lose the money that was spent on development, so the company is unlikely to give up this smartphone, whatever it’s called.

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