Why you shouldn't switch from Android – smartphone to iPhone

Surely, having owned Android for many years – you had a desire to switch to iPhone with a smartphone. But don't be in a hurry. In this article, we have prepared a number of features Android that you will miss in iOS. The material was prepared based on feedback from people in the thread on the Reddit website. The user vogueboy became the initiator of the question. He is currently the owner of a Samsung Galaxy S9, and he is very interested in what Android – the owner can upset the newcomer iPhone.

Why you shouldn't switch from Android - smartphone to iPhone

iPhone or Android – a smartphone?

User jobrroni shared that in iPhone after Android he lacks access to the file system through the computer. This is useful when you need to quickly transfer any files to your device: a book, music or pictures. He also owns a wearable from Fitbit, and noticed that iOS lacks some useful integrations compared to Android.

More detailed is the answer from user onslaught86, who owns many devices, including the Mate 30 and iPhone 11 Pro Max. The following points did not suit him:

  • Browser. Safari seems to him fast and there are no problems with blocking content, but he considers the browser interface outdated and inconvenient.
  • Springboard. He thinks the launcher iOS is terrible: you can't position the icon anywhere on the screen.
  • Siri. Google Assistant seems to be more advanced and useful in almost all tasks. Without system integration, Siri seems useless.
  • Poor adaptability for large displays. For example, you cannot move the shutter with a swipe from any area of ​​the screen, and you can only lock the device with the power button
  • There is no keyboard feedback.
  • The widgets on iOS are bad. They do not work in real time and take a long time to update every time you go to the widget menu, so they are not particularly useful.
  • Limited support for accessories (smartwatches, headphones, etc.).
  • There are no independent app updates. If there is a bug in the recorder, you will have to update the entire system.

The user AlexKazumi did not like the lack of iOS the ability to set a DNS provider. Thus, it would be possible to block all advertising on a smartphone in one click, as the owners of Android devices do. Also, a lightning port against the background of the development of Type-C rather hinders the development of the accessory market. He is not satisfied with the need to purchase the same applications at iOS and Android. In addition, if we take e-readers as an example, they use various synchronization services with the cloud. In Android this is Google Cloud, in iOS it is iCloud.

It is also worth adding that in iOS the running of applications in the background is problematic.

After the purchase iPhone, the user aeoveu returned it back for several reasons:

  • Lack of synchronization with Google. He was unable to transfer all his data to iPhone, including WhatsApp messages.
  • Lack of split screen mode.
  • The list of notifications in iOS is a complete mess.
  • FaceID in iPhone will delight many, but each time you unlock, you need to swipe your finger from the bottom of the screen to the top to fully unlock.

Almost all users iOS say they lack customization. Also very often mentioned are the possibilities associated with system ad blocking. iOS does not allow this. Actually, owning iPhone, it is difficult and perhaps even impossible to pirate content by downloading modified APK files with endless subscriptions to various services.

Some people want to get in iOS soft navigation buttons with the ability to reassign actions on click, as well as the important AlwaysOnDisplay function. It's strange why it hasn't appeared yet with the release of iPhone X with AMOLED – the screen.

Owners Android lack in iOS the ability to install two app objects on a device. For example, this would be helpful when using WhatsApp with dual SIM.

Are there owners of both Android devices and iPhone among our readers? Share below in the comments the features Android – devices that you are missing when using iPhone. Also, don't forget about our Telegram.

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