Why I highly recommend buying Samsung smartphones

I have never felt much reverence for Samsung smartphones, although most of the household appliances in my home belong to this particular brand. Affected by the heterogeneity of the model range of the company's mobile devices, from which one could choose either a flagship or a state employee. The devices of the mid-price segment were essentially absent in it. However, over time, the Koreans realized that this could not continue and rethought their approach to doing business, creating a so-called middle class, and, most importantly, radically changed the principle of software support for branded smartphones.

Why I highly recommend buying Samsung smartphones

Samsung pulled up their smartphones and they got really cool

Best Samsung Smartphone

Why I highly recommend buying Samsung smartphones

Galaxy A51 is the best Samsung smartphone of 2020

The first reason why I advise you to pay attention to non-Samsung smartphones is, of course, the presence of amazing inexpensive models in the company's range. My personal favorite is the Galaxy A51, which for 15 thousand rubles offers the user a competitive hardware filling, a real flagship appearance, indistinguishable from the Galaxy S20, and a four-module camera with 4K shooting. And if you want something cooler – for example, a device with top-end hardware – I advise you to pay attention to the Galaxy S10 Lite. It looks exactly like the S20, but is equipped with a Snapdragon 855 processor, 6 GB of RAM and a 4000 mAh battery at a price of 36 thousand rubles.

Updates for Samsung smartphones

Why I highly recommend buying Samsung smartphones

Samsung dramatically reduces latency when adapting updates to its smartphones

Recently, Samsung has completely radically changed the approach to updating its devices and has become, firstly, a more responsible approach to the issue of monthly security updates that its devices receive even earlier than the Google Pixel, and, secondly, it has become corny faster adapt new versions Android for flagships of previous years. This is especially noticeable with the Galaxy S10, which received Android 10 three months after the update was released. Yes, this is still not the best indicator in the industry, but compared to the previous 6-7 months that Samsung took to optimize updates, this is a major breakthrough.

How to expand the capabilities of Samsung smartphones

Why I highly recommend buying Samsung smartphones

Samsung is quite loyal about distributing updates for its smartphones

Along with shortening the timeline for adapting updates, Samsung decided that the sacredness of flagship smartphones was greatly overrated. Therefore, the Koreans gradually began to distribute those functions that were initially available only in the devices of the current generation, to the models of previous years. This was the case with the night mode, which migrated from the Galaxy S10 firmware to the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy A50, as well as the ability to install video as a screensaver, which appeared in the Galaxy S9, and then was adapted to work on the Galaxy S8 and Note 8. Obviously, in the future this trend will continue, which means that the Galaxy A51 and Galaxy S10 Lite, not to mention the S10 and other devices, will receive exclusive Galaxy S20 chips.

When will One UI 2.1 come out?

Why I highly recommend buying Samsung smartphones

One UI 2.1 will be released this year, despite the lack of Android 10.1

Google hasn't issued tier 2 interim updates Android for several years now. The last such update was Android 8.1 Oreo, which was released in 2017. Since then, Google has ended this tradition, moving to the practice of releasing one update per year, not counting monthly security patches. Samsung did not suit this situation, and it decided that it would expand the capabilities of the One UI shell on its own. The result of this decision will be One UI 2.1, which is scheduled for release this year. It is not yet known what innovation the update will contain and when exactly it will be released, but it is already clear what Samsung wants and, most importantly, can develop Android almost independently of Google.

Does Samsung have an ecosystem

Why I highly recommend buying Samsung smartphones

Samsung has a vast ecosystem that only gets better if your smartphone is also from Samsung

Despite the fact that Samsung has long found its way and no longer tries to be like Apple, Koreans have managed to build a great ecosystem. True, unlike Apple, it is more device-oriented than software, which, however, does not make it worse. The Samsung ecosystem allows you to conveniently control home appliances directly from your smartphone, as well as expand its capabilities using branded smart watches and other wearable electronics. What are the Galaxy Buds headphones, which pair with Samsung devices on the principle of AirPods, or Galaxy Watch, which can measure pressure by the strength of the blood flow.

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