Why Google CEO is shy about talking about Google Pixel smartphones

Pixel smartphones, unlike the hugely popular Nexus, have never been mainstream devices. It was affected not only by the high price, but also by the limited geography of sales. For some unknown reason, Google refused to trade “pixels” in many countries of the world and Russia, including, betting on an extremely narrow list of countries. But whether the difficulties with the purchase scared off consumers, or some other factors, but each new generation of Google Pixel smartphones invariably sold worse than the previous one. Therefore, at some point even rumors began to circulate that the company was discussing the possibility of refusing to further develop the line. Unfortunately, even Sundar Pichai could not put an end to this issue.

Why Google CEO is shy about talking about Google Pixel smartphones

Sundar Pichai is not interested in talking about the success of the Google Pixel. It's impossible to talk about what is not

According to the CEO of Alphabet, which owns Google, the company continues to improve in the field of hardware technology and does not intend to stop there. The last few years have become a perestroika for Google, as all this time the company has been trying to get on new rails in order to develop in a new scenario for itself. To this end, Google made several landmark deals: it acquired Nest, a smart home device development company, and a mobile division HTC, with which Google had a long history of cooperation.

Which Pixel smartphone to buy

Why Google CEO is shy about talking about Google Pixel smartphones

Pixel 4 sells very poorly, and Google prefers not to think about it once again

This stage was the stage of restructuring, but we are very dedicated to our work. The development of hardware is a complex process that takes a long time to understand and adapt to. It doesn't matter what it will be: processor, display, camera or something else. We continue to invest in this, but we need time. Moreover, we have already made great progress. The Pixel 3A, which came out last year, was the smartphone with one of the highest approval ratings. For me, this is a clear sign that we have achieved a lot, ”Pichai said.

It may seem to some that Pichai said both everything and nothing at the same time. This is the case if we consider the appeal of a top manager out of context. However, it is clear that his words are in response to speculation about the failure of the Google Pixel project, which, according to analysts, is not in demand to be commercially successful. Thus, Pichai, as it were, makes it clear to critics that Google is simply trying to enter a new rhythm, which is why the products released at the intermediate stage of this transition are not entirely successful.

What's wrong with the Pixel 4

If you noticed, the top manager intentionally does not say anything about the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL, although logically they should have been highlighted. After all, these are flagship smartphones with the most advanced technologies, some of which are generally unique to the industry. Take, for example, the Motion Sense interface, which allows you to control the interface Android using gestures in the air. Nobody has done this at this level before Google. However, Pichai decided not to mention it. Why? Most likely, because the new management technology did not raise sales anyway.

Why Google CEO is shy about talking about Google Pixel smartphones

Google really has something to remember, but for some reason, all the company's successes occurred only in the past.

Frankly speaking, only the software ecosystem, consisting of applications and services, can be considered a key achievement of Google now. Because with hardware products, the company is frankly so-so. Pichai himself admits this, although he is in no hurry to talk about it in public. I understood this from the following words of the top manager: “We are very actively developing our ecosystem. If you look back, you will see that the Galaxy Nexus was the key device for the Android smartphone market and the Nexus 7 for the tablet market. '

See? Pichai avoids talking about new products, since it is difficult to find a truly successful one among them. Whether the 'nexus'. This line was really in demand as it met the needs of users. With the Google Pixel, nothing like that. Yes, they are technically advanced and have the best software support on the market Android – smartphones. However, I assure you that among the owners of the 'pixels' you will not find a single one who would have made a choice in their favor by chance, buying into the design, price or unique features. It will almost always be geeks who are willing to take risks by ordering a smartphone from abroad, just to get the coveted Pixel.

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