Why does Motorola want to release its own Galaxy Note counterpart?

Many people still remember devices that resembled modern smartphones, but only worked if you “poke” the screen with a special stick – a stylus. They weren't styluses like the Apple Pencil or S-Pen. It was just a stick with a plastic tip so it wouldn't scratch the screen. I still remember this sound when the stylus slid across the screen. Of course, you could touch it with your fingers, but it worked, to put it mildly, so-so. Since then, a lot of water has flowed under the bridge, capacitive displays appeared and we forgot about stylus. But the new is, as you know, the well-forgotten old. This is why they come back sometimes. Now Motorola decided to check in this field. How can she surprise?

Why does Motorola want to release its own Galaxy Note counterpart?

A smartphone is like a smartphone, but with a stylus.

If we talk about how much information has recently appeared in the print and electronic press on the topic Motorola, it can be assumed that the company seriously took up its mind and decided to do something cool. Moreover, these references do not relate to some mythical merits of the company. She really offers new devices and thus gives a reason to remember about herself.

Smartphone stylus

Less than a couple of days later, another reason to remember the Americans appeared. This time, the news concerns rumors about the release of a smartphone with stylus support. Apparently, it will be an analogue of the Samsung Galaxy Note.

There are a lot of smartphones Motorola. Especially in the relatively inexpensive segment. In some markets, G and E series phones are popular models, but more recently it has released several Android One devices. Now it came to a smartphone with a “pen”.

Evan Blass, better known as @evleaks, posted in Twitter an image of a smartphone Motorola that is unlike any existing model. There are certain similarities, but no exact match can be found.

Why does Motorola want to release its own Galaxy Note counterpart?

Give them a stylus …

The stylus shape looks like it should be inside the smartphone and removed before use. Actually, this is how Samsung's solution works. There is no information yet about which segment and to what price category this device belongs, as there is no confirmation that it will actually see the light of day. But common sense suggests that there will still be such a smartphone. Technically, the solution does not look complicated, and it is hardly logical to launch false information, especially in relation to Motorola.

So far, we can only say with confidence that the potential novelty is similar to Motorola One Action (although the camera is not that big here). There is also reason to believe that the smartphone will be a sequel to the G8 Power, and the stylus will be called the 'Moto G Stylus'. There is information that the smartphone will run Snapdragon 665, have a 6.36-inch display with FHD + resolution, a 25-megapixel front camera, a 48-megapixel main camera and a 5000 mAh battery with fast charging.

It's worth noting that the Samsung Galaxy Note isn't the only smartphone with a stylus right now. There is, for example, the LG Stylo model. Of course, she is not very popular, but she has a certain charm. The main thing is to find him.

How the stylus works

In different devices, the stylus performs different functions, but unlike gadgets of the past, where it was almost the only way to control, now it is needed to expand the functionality of the device. Whether it's a iPad with a Apple Pencil for drawing or a Samsung Galaxy Note with an S-Pen for a variety of tasks, including office work. It always makes sense. It will also be in Motorola. I will say one thing for sure! If it is just a copy of the functions of the Korean flagship, it will be boring. I would like some fresh vision.

Of course, you can buy a stylus for any smartphone and use it if necessary, but what kind of necessity can be when you just get the 11th finger to “poke” at the screen? A modern smartphone and its stylus are exactly the complement of each other. This scenario is interesting to me. The rest are relics of the past.

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