Why Android urgently needs a compact smartphone

Despite the fact that I myself prefer not to choose between iOS and Android, and at the same time use both platforms as the main ones, many of my friends turn out to be more categorical and cannot afford such a luxury. Moreover, often the choice they make is forced. After all, those who would like to buy iPhone often choose phones on Android because of their availability, and those who were ready to bet on Android are forced to buy exclusively iPhone. But if you can only solve the problem of the former Apple, then with the latter everything is much easier.

Why Android urgently needs a compact smartphone

Android needs compact smartphones. And those who say they are not needed are greatly mistaken

I will tell the story of my mother, who faced a serious problem when choosing a new smartphone. It seems that about 3 years ago or so, she decided to change her old Samsung to something fresher. She didn't want to spend too much, so the only option for her was to take something for Android.

Which smartphone is better for mom

Why Android urgently needs a compact smartphone

iPhone SE is the only compact smartphone you can buy today

Then Xiaomi, OnePlus and Huawei had a lot of good devices within 20 thousand rubles, which she consistently rejected one after another because of their size. According to her, she was simply uncomfortable simply holding a shovel with a 5.5-inch screen in her hands, not to mention using it with one hand and not being afraid to drop it.

As a result, we went through, probably, a dozen models, but none of them suited her. Even Sony's devices, which at that time were the most compact, did not fit her, and therefore the only thing left was iPhone SE. I didn't want to take iPhone 5s then, since it was about to go to retirement, but SE was quite relevant. The only pity is that it cost a little more then the budget set by us.

Fortunately, iPhone SE was not very much out of the planned price, and therefore it was decided to take it. My mother quickly got used to iOS, and still does not know grief with this operating system, rejoicing in its convenience and compactness of the chosen smartphone. That's just, I thought, if there was at least one model close in size to iPhone SE in the assortment of Android devices, we would probably choose it, not the product Apple.

Why do people buy iPhone

Why Android urgently needs a compact smartphone

A lot of people need a smartphone in a compact body, it's just that not everyone shouts about it at every step

Then I decided to study public opinion and asked my friends who use iPhone SE why they chose this particular model. Surprisingly, one and all responded that the primary reason for them was extremely compactness. Not the operating system and not the price, although it is also important, namely the compactness. According to most of them, they would be ready to change to Android if they found a suitable device that would have small dimensions. Still, they note, Android devices are usually both cheaper and more functional iPhone.

And it's true. Most lay people don't care about the brand, the ecosystem that power users link to, or even software support. People just need compact and convenient smartphones, which are simply not on Android. And if there were? In this case, I have no doubt that hundreds of thousands and millions of people would unanimously switch from iPhone SE to a 'green robot', which, firstly, usually offers cheaper devices, and, secondly, how anyway, more loyal and friendly to the newbie.

What is Android better than iOS

Well, see for yourself.

  • First, Android offers users much more opportunities to play. After all, there is access to a large number of streaming services, while there is only one on iOS.
  • Secondly, Android has much more customization options, which allows you to tailor the appearance of the operating system to the preferences of the users themselves.
  • Thirdly, Android is actually more available software, among which, although there are dangerous or useless samples, this is more the exception than the rule.

However, instead of starting the production of small smartphones, all companies, without exception, are chasing super profits, competing with each other in whose device will have a larger display. At the same time, it doesn't even matter what screen diagonal the smartphone will have in reality. They could easily take a case of the same dimensions as iPhone SE, and shove a matrix of 5.5 inches or more, but for some reason they do not do this and, in my opinion, completely in vain .

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