Why am I afraid of AMOLED – screens

When people ask me which smartphone is better to buy, I always answer: 'Which one do you like'. In 2020, no one cares what processor is installed on the phone, how much RAM or built-in it has. For photography, everyone has been using cloud services for a long time. But what is interesting then? Camera, appearance, display. And if everything is obvious for the first two, then there are moments with the last parameter. By the way, if you need a smartphone with a good camera, we have a good option.

Why am I afraid of AMOLED - screens

Why AMOLED – screens can scare away

There are two display technologies on the market today: IPS and OLED. The latter, as a rule, are used in more expensive devices, but since they began to be installed in mid-budget gadgets in 2019 due to the reduction in the cost of technology, the problem of choosing a matrix technology has become more urgent. Which display should you choose: IPS or OLED? And why am I in doubt when it comes to OLED?

AMOLED – screens are better than IPS for picture quality

The problem is that OLED is technically better than IPS solutions. Even the best IPS panel set at iPhone 11 will be inferior to any AMOLED screen in the Galaxy A50. AMOLED – the displays are more contrasty, have a pure white color, they have no glare or problems with cutouts in the screen. Such a display can take any shape. Aspirations of manufacturers to release flexible devices suggest one simple idea – in the near future there will be no trace of IPS-screens.

And this is good in terms of obtaining aesthetic pleasure from using such a screen, but there is one point – such displays negatively affect our vision. We already spend all day at a computer or laptop, and we are also offered to use a phone with AMOLED – a screen that spoils our eyesight in between. Yes, DC-Dimming solves the problem of pulse-width modulation, but it does not completely solve it, but only half of the ripple effect, while the ripple itself does not disappear anywhere – the problem remains. In addition AMOLED – the technology, even in the complete absence of PWM, leads to eye strain, and this is noted by many owners of devices with such screens. AMOLED – displays are also PenTile. We wrote about the PenTile problem even at QHD resolution a couple of years ago.

Remembering the past

A long time ago I bought my first phone with AMOLED – screen Motorola Razr i. Then he made a pleasant impression on me, but I agree that the vision is strained more. It is unclear how manufacturers will save us from this problem in the future, but so far, in my opinion, despite all the advantages and considering that we spend 3-5 hours a day with smartphones, buying devices with AMOLED – screen is not a good idea. I propose to discuss this in Telegram.

And this is a constant dilemma. On the one hand, we get a deep black color (I don’t know about you, but from this depth I get a lot of emotions), on the other hand, this is the problem of visual impairment. The advantages AMOLED include the Always On Display function. It allows you to constantly display various information on the smartphone screen due to the fact that OLED – screens against a dark background almost do not waste battery power. By the way, many people believe that AMOLED – screens do not consume energy only on a black background, but this is an erroneous opinion, not so long ago we wrote about this.

For many it may seem funny, but even tablets have begun to be released with AMOLED – screens. The Galaxy Tab S5e and Tab S6 are good examples. We also wrote material about the first one. Just yesterday I managed to hold the Galaxy Tab S6 in my hands, and, in truth, this is an amazing device for my money, 10-inch AMOLED – the screen makes a serious impression with its colors, but at the same time I immediately noticed how vision when looking at such a screen began to strain.

It is interesting what our readers think about this. Are there any owners of devices with AMOLED – displays among them? How much time do you spend in front of your gadget, and how much does your vision strain? By the way, for all owners of AMOLED screens we have prepared an overview of an interesting application with dark wallpapers.

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