Which game controllers for Android do I like the most

Agree, you don't often see a person playing on a smartphone using a controller. Usually people are limited to a simple game, poking their fingers at the phone screen. In the meantime, many smartphones do a great job with controllers and can deliver game quality that cannot be achieved on a standalone device like the Nintendo Switch. The gameplay with the controller captures much more and there are quite objective reasons for this. The main thing in this business is to choose the right controller that is right for you and that will be convenient not only in the game, but also in transportation.

Which game controllers for Android do I like the most

Playing with a dedicated controller is much more convenient.

Examples of gamepads for the phone

As phones become more powerful, mobile games become more complex. To play something really fun, you'll probably need something more precise than on-screen touch sticks and buttons. Fortunately, Android is compatible with a wide range of Bluetooth gamepads.

In this article I will give examples of those that seemed to us the most interesting. Although, among them there are not very cheap options.

Console Controllers

The main advantage of this choice of controller is that you don't have to get used to a new gaming instrument. And you don't have to pay for it. True, these benefits only apply to those life scenarios in which you already have an Xbox or PlayStation. In other cases, these two pluses, of course, are not relevant.

Which game controllers for Android do I like the most

Joystick for PlayStation 4.

Compatibility of some games may vary, but in general, controllers with Android are supported. True, before buying, I advise you to take from one of your friends to try whether everything will work in your particular case. The price of such devices is about 4,000 rubles.

8BitDo Sn30 Pro

Why give the accessory such a complicated name, I don't know, but one thing I can say for sure. It is perfect for anyone who, 20 years ago, hacked into Dunkin Kong, Vikings and other hot on the Super Nintendo. The similarity is not just visible, but the game controller was completely taken as a basis for production.

Which game controllers for Android do I like the most

Familiar design. Is not it?

Sn30 Pro is a universal controller Bluetooth that can connect to your phone, tablet and computer. Despite the resemblance to a rarity, it has all the capabilities of a modern controller thanks to the presence of sticks and a second pair of top buttons. It's great for old-school platformers and fighting games, but it's also great for shooters and the like. Charging is done via USB Type-C, and the cost of the device is about 3,300 rubles. You can buy on AliExpress or just search on the Yandex Market by model name.

SteelSeries Stratus Duo

This controller is known and loved by many. Its main advantages are good compatibility with Android (including system buttons) and with Windows and work for 20 hours.

Which game controllers for Android do I like the most

You can play this way anywhere.

You can buy it for about 7,000 rubles, but the disadvantage is that the phone mount, which is depicted on all advertising materials, is not included in the kit and you still have to run after it. It costs about 800 rubles.


Another gamepad with a terrible name is a multifunctional multi-device accessory that looks like a regular controller. It also charges via Micro USB, which is far from ideal considering its clearly not the lowest price (about 6,500 rubles).

Which game controllers for Android do I like the most

Illustration of the phrase 'go play outside'.

The hallmark is a pair of programmable buttons on the back. It also comes with a phone holder. This is definitely a plus.

Razer Raiju

If you're really serious about mobile gaming and don't care about the cost of an accessory, check out the Razer Raiju controller. It has enough of the chips you'd expect from a good mobile gamepad: USB-C charging, built-in universal phone stand and additional buttons that can be configured in the proprietary app.

Which game controllers for Android do I like the most

One of the most expensive game controllers.

The controller can be safely called premium. Especially considering how much it costs. You can buy it for about 11,000 rubles, which in my opinion is very expensive for such a thing. If you use this controller, and do not agree with me, please speak in our Telegram chat.

Best way to play on your phone

I have no idea how you can play racing or sports games on your phone, which I recently talked about. In this case, you simply cannot do without a gamepad.

On the other hand, in PUBG, Call Of Duty and the like with the controller, on the contrary, it is inconvenient to play. There are also logic games where using a gamepad is completely pointless.

Therefore, the control option must be selected for each specific game. But, given the cost of the accessory and the fact that it may not be needed, it is better to take it from someone to try it, or just try to arrange in the store to get it out of the box and give you a couple of minutes to understand what you are buying. Otherwise, you can simply be disappointed in the purchase, since the gadget is not cheap.

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