What's your favorite smartphone maker?

There are so many smartphone manufacturers in the world. Each of them is distinguished by its unique style, services, support. Consumers, for one reason or another, decide to choose one or another manufacturer. Now it is difficult to say what exactly their choice is based on, but in this material we will try to reveal the pros and cons of all popular smartphone manufacturers and invite you to take part in a survey that will determine which brand is the most popular in the CIS countries.

What's your favorite smartphone maker?

Your favorite manufacturer

Below we take a quick look at the most popular brands in the world, but we will include as many manufacturers as possible in the survey itself.

Samsung is still the leader

What's your favorite smartphone maker?

Samsung is the world leader in the smartphone market

Perhaps this is the most popular manufacturer at the moment. Samsung was one of the first to start offering Android – devices to the world. When the company was just starting its way in the world Android – devices, Nokia occupied the dominant position in the market due to push-button devices and touchscreen phones on Symbian. Nokia then made its choice in favor of the operating system Windows Phone, and it was its mistake that led to a complete loss of the market.

Meanwhile, Samsung managed to take the first line, and to this day the company remains in this position, constantly trying to offer the market something new and competitive. Currently, Chinese manufacturers are a serious threat to Samsung. The company is fighting them with the Galaxy A line of budget devices, but the Koreans continue to lose market share, so not so long ago, DJ Koh left the post of head of the mobile division. He has been in this position since 2015. Under him, the company showed a number of successful products, but times are changing and it's time to play by new rules.

DJ Koh was replaced by Ro Tai-moon, an ambitious 52-year-old leader. In the company, he promoted the idea of ​​outsourcing the production of smartphones, this allowed and will allow Samsung to significantly save on the production of inexpensive devices in the future to compete with Chinese manufacturers. Samsung probably predicts not very good indicators in the future under the current policy, so they decided to make changes right now.

Not so long ago, information appeared on the Web that an analogue of AirDrop will appear in the new flagships of the company.

Keeps up and Huawei

What's your favorite smartphone maker?

Huawei ranks first in the Chinese mobile electronics market

The company, along with Samsung, produces some of the best devices on the market. And if earlier phones Huawei could hardly be compared to the flagships of Koreans, today it is possible. Huawei produces its own processors, it has its own shell, its own services, it is working on a new generation operating system.

Huawei is currently not very attractive due to the lack of Google services in the company's smartphones, but in the future, in my opinion, this should not be a big problem, because Huawei is developing its own App store Gallery. Over time, developers will realize that Google Play is not the only source of revenue. Plus, the App Gallery has a sales tax of only 15%, compared to 30% on Google Play. The company previously asked app developers to help it.

Huawei is preparing to release the P40 and P40 Pro. The phones will get an even cooler camera, better performance, and overall they'll be awesome gadgets. Huawei for many is a company that offers solutions similar to Samsung's flagships at a lower price.

Xiaomi dominates the budget segment

What's your favorite smartphone maker?

This brand attracts with its price

It is difficult not to recognize the importance Xiaomi in the world market and especially in our Russian one. Every day thousands of people order smartphones from Aliexpress Xiaomi. They are attractive for their low cost and high performance. Currently, the company's most interesting phone is the Mi Note 10. The device is equipped with a 108-megapixel camera, which is comparable in quality to the Google Pixel 4. If the company continues to produce the same phones, it will be a success.

BBK brands – closest competitors Xiaomi

What's your favorite smartphone maker?

BBK has chosen the right strategy

If we combine the sales of all subsidiaries of this manufacturer, it is possible that they can take leading positions in the world rankings. BBK has chosen a very good strategy, offering consumers smartphones from various subsidiaries that are developed in the same factories and differ in shells and appearance. BBK created the illusion of choice, and as you can see, this is the right tactic. BBK owns brands such as Oppo, Vivo, OnePlus, Realme. And they are all extremely successful and popular today.

We will not ask which device you own, because this may not coincide with which brand is your favorite, so we will focus on the last question.

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