What's up with Google? Google Pixel 4a launch seems to be delayed again

Oh, that long-suffering Google Pixel 4a! It seems that the device should be good, and the time for the exit was chosen as correctly as possible, but something always goes wrong. I immediately recall the AirPower charging, which the entire Internet was buzzing about for more than a year and which in the end never came out. I'm interested in the new budget Google Pixel, but judging by the latest information, it will have to wait a little longer. Initially, he was supposed to appear at the Google I / O conference, after its cancellation, they started talking about an earlier date, then about May, then about June, now new terms are being called. But how long can we wait for it in the end and will it appear at all? After all, it is impossible to postpone indefinitely, there is another factor that urges the team of creators.

What's up with Google?  Google Pixel 4a launch seems to be delayed again

Where are you, Google Pixel 4a?

Why Google Pixel should come out ASAP

The problem is, the Google Pixel 4a cannot be dragged out too long for two reasons. The first is that you need to somehow compete with the iPhone SE of the second generation. And the release of new items now would be more welcome than ever.

But even if the smartphone comes out a little later, it won't have a huge impact on its sales, unlike the sales of another important smartphone for the company – Google Pixel 5.

The point of the Google Pixel 3a last year was that it came out between the Google Pixel 3 and 4, roughly equidistant from those models. So the point was that a very solid state employee did not beat off buyers from the Google Pixel 4. It is a very bad idea to release such a device just before the launch of the flagship.

If you postpone the launch of the Google Pixel 4a for another month, the situation may become even worse and its release will greatly shake the position of Google Pixel 5. Especially against the background of decreasing demand for smartphones, decreasing interest in expensive devices and the price of new products this year, which Google recently hinted at. .

What's up with Google?  Google Pixel 4a launch seems to be delayed again

Let's see what it will be like.

When Google Pixel 4a comes out

Google failed to host its annual Google I / O Developers Conference this year. The event is usually held in May and is where Google launches new features, OS updates, and even new gadgets. But this has all been delayed by the coronavirus pandemic, including what appears to be the launch of the Pixel 4a.

When the conferences were canceled, many thought that now the company was not tied to dates and could show the new product as early as April. There were even photographs of boxes, which many mistook for shipping to stores. Then they started talking about the dates when Google I / O was supposed to go through and the company would show a smartphone there. When it passed, and the Pixel 4a never showed up, they started talking about June 13th to successfully combine a launch date with a public beta release. Now, smartphone market experts believe the Google Pixel 4a launch will be pushed back even further.

According to consultant John Prosser, the Google Pixel 4a launch is now set for July 13th. This is more than a month after the company is set to release a public beta Android on 11 (June 3).

What the Pixel 4a will look like

He also confirms that the Pixel 4a will not support 5G. I was very skeptical about this, but many experts argued that it would be so. Now, as expected, the new product will run on Snapdragon 730 and will only support the 4G standard, which can hardly be called a significant drawback.

What's up with Google?  Google Pixel 4a launch seems to be delayed again

This concept looks very nice.

In addition to the leak, Prosser says the phone will be two-tone: just black and slightly blue. In the original, the color names are “Just Black” and “Barely Blue”. Google has always liked to name the colors of its smartphones in a way that made them stand out from the background of Chinese manufacturers, who usually come up with something very poetic, like “frosty white” or “shimmery green”.

It is interesting that the expert does not speak about the presence of any large version with the XL postscript. As for me, this is logical. Inexpensive, compact, practical – it all fits. Even Apple did not go the beaten track and release two versions of the size iPhone SE, although at the time of this design the models had a corresponding postscript from iPhone 6 Plus to iPhone 8 Plus (4 models in total).

Why hasn't a new Pixel phone been released yet

Finally, Prosser notes that Google is ready to release the Pixel 4a, but is just waiting for the right time to do so. The company is likely hoping that by July the restrictions will ease and the general mood will improve on the purchase of new smartphones. The main thing is not to miscalculate. I already wrote above why.

Now an interesting situation is emerging, when only iPhone SE 2 and POCO can compete with Pixel 4a. Other smartphones either cost more, or simply cannot be considered competitors to the main Android – smartphone. Those who could compete in this price range were Huawei and Honor, which are not up to now.

We will find out very soon how events will develop, but we cannot exclude the scenario in which the Google Pixel 4a will not be released at all. It is unlikely, but there is such a risk. If this happens, I will be upset. And you?

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