What we value in smartphones and what Google Pixel owners are not ready to give up

Many smartphone users do not regard them as simply a means of communication. There are those who choose them in order to use one single function. It will be different for everyone, but she is, as they say, beloved. That is why fans of the brand are outraged when they are asked to give up something in the new generation. As a result, the update loses its meaning. On the one hand, you will get a more powerful apparatus, but on the other, it will not have what you are so used to. In this article, we will discuss what we have to deal with on the way of updates, what we love about our smartphones and at the same time we will pay attention to what Google Pixel users do not want to give up (but may have to).

What we value in smartphones and what Google Pixel owners are not ready to give up

Active edges are comfortable and do not require much space. Whoever does not need to, you can simply not use.

This article was prompted by a survey conducted by one of the Western sites, in which users were asked to answer whether they are ready to abandon the use of Active Edge in their smartphones.

This is a function that allows you to perform certain actions with a smartphone, simply squeezing it harder. The squeezing force can be adjusted, as well as the functions that are activated with such an impact. By default, this allows you to call the voice assistant. For the first time, this function was used in smartphones HTС U11, but who already remembers this. But, given the relationship between Google and HTC, it is not surprising that it was in “Pixels”, starting from the second generation, that such a function appeared.

In that poll, 63 percent of the roughly 1,000 voters were not ready to lose this function. Such an advantage cannot be called devastating, but it is quite significant. Many even spoke out very harshly, although with updates no one will take away this function from them, it simply will not be in new smartphones.

The survey was conducted in the wake of rumors that the company may refuse to use such a feature in its future smartphones. I won't say that I am a fan of smartphones from Google, but I like it when different models have their own chips.

What we value in smartphones and what Google Pixel owners are not ready to give up

Even this back wall is a feature. Controversial, but only the first Pixel has it.

What I miss in my phones

For example, a few years ago I used iPhone 6s as a second phone and I just loved the 3D Touch function in it. It allowed you to press on the screen with different strengths in order to perform different actions. For example, one could get quick access to application functions.

So I built a route to my house in Yandex.Maps, made quick calls through the Phone application, launched a convenient cursor by pressing hard on the keyboard, and much more. Later, I used iPhone X for a while and was glad that the function was kept despite the change in priorities. Now, when I pick up any new iPhone, I really miss this feature.

It was replaced with a long touch, but it's not the same at all. It was much more pleasant to use the strong pressure. This is somehow more native, or something, than a long touch, when you have to wait a second or one and a half – I don't know exactly how many there are. Many will disagree with me, because even among fans iPhone not everyone used this function, but we are talking about personal preferences.

It is personal preference that is based on the frustrations of people who are upset about the lack of a headphone jack in the new phones. I always thought that he was not needed, but not so long ago I myself realized that I was needed. During self-isolation, I had to record a video for our YouTube channel. Studio equipment was not at hand, but I have a light, a camera and a lapel pin for a smartphone at home. As a result, I simply could not find where to connect it, although I had about five phones at home, including Huawei P40 Pro, Honor 30 Pro, Honor 20 Pro and Google Pixel 2 XL. At times like this, I really would like to have a headphone jack, but considering how much space it takes up in the case, I'd rather have a larger battery.

What we value in smartphones and what Google Pixel owners are not ready to give up

A removable battery may be good, but why is one needed in 2020?

Phones with a removable battery

Not so long ago, in one of our articles, I raised the question, would you like to return to removable batteries in smartphones, and most of you answered yes. This fully confirmed the sentiment in our Telegram chat and on other resources.

It turns out that many were not ready to give up such a good? Apparently so, but you need to understand that this is a much more evolutionary approach in terms of design than the rejection of active edges. Rejection of active edges will not greatly affect the final cost and will not give a significant advantage. But the rejection of a removable battery made it possible to make a smartphone stronger, thinner, more water resistant and less squeaky.

What we value in smartphones and what Google Pixel owners are not ready to give up

And let them tell you what waterproof smartphones can be made with a removable battery, but it's better without it.

If this is not considered an evolutionary development, then what is considered? In this case, you can generally transfer smartphones to finger batteries. If you remember, roughly such blocks were in the “pipes” of the past years.

What you are not ready to refuse in your smartphone

I gave my opinion, the opinion of Google Pixel users and the opinion of the majority of our readers. In the end, it would be very interesting to hear the opinion of each of you. Just write in the comments which function of your smartphone you would not like to give up. It will be even better if it is exclusive, like the active edges of the Google Pixel.

It is not necessary to give a detailed answer – just share what is important and valuable to you. Perhaps we will all think about it and begin to appreciate more the functions that are in our devices. And maybe the manufacturers will think about, having learned your opinion (they read us, judging by how their PR services react to criticism in articles), and draw conclusions about what should be removed from the smartphone and what should not.

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