What is the most popular smartphone among readers Android Insider.ru

Conformity is a completely banal thing and so natural that many even make it their life credo. Despite the fact that there is no evidence that the majority cannot be wrong, it is often the opinion of the majority that influences the decision we make. This is how our brain is arranged, which often decisively denies us the desire to show individuality and in every possible way inclines us to follow someone else's example, which – this also happens – often turns out to be correct.

What is the most popular smartphone among readers Android Insider.ru

Android Insider.ru readers showed what smartphones they use

We are often asked about what smartphones we use in Android Insider.ru in everyday life. But since our editorial office is rather small, and we change the devices several times a year, such a sample can hardly be considered relevant. Therefore, we offer you detailed statistics on the frequency of use of certain smartphones among our readers. Moreover, sometimes completely atypical devices fall into this list. Well, and I will try to explain what dictated this or that choice.

What is the most popular smartphone among readers Android Insider.ru

This is the statistics of visits to our site, here you can see the most popular brands of smartphones

First of all, it is worth focusing on which brands our readers prefer: the first place with a share of 19.3% is taken by Samsung, the second place with a share of 16.4% belongs to Xiaomi, and the third with a share of 14.7 % – Huawei. Then there are Apple, which won 4.84%, Nokia and Asus with a share of 1.6 and 1.47%. It doesn't even make sense to talk about the rest – their share is so small and insignificant.

Which smartphone to choose

What is the most popular smartphone among readers Android Insider.ru

Redmi Note 7 is the most popular smartphone among readers Android Insider.ru

Oddly enough, but the most popular smartphone among our readers is Redmi Note 7 from Xiaomi. Their owners account for 1.74% of the total audience of our readers. It seems that this is not much, but considering that over a million people read us every month, this figure no longer looks so insignificant. Moreover, the market Android – smartphones is extremely wide, and, probably, not even a week will be enough to list all the models. With iPhones, everything is simple, but there are as many devices Xiaomi per year as Apple have not been released in the entire history of its existence.

But what, in this case, is good Redmi Note 7, that it is bought so much and often? You don't need to be an expert to understand the reasons for the popularity of this device. After all Xiaomi became the first manufacturer to offer, in fact, a budget device with a 48-megapixel camera, a large 6.5-inch display and a fairly productive filling. Will someone refuse such a combination of characteristics at a price of 12 thousand rubles? Of course not. So our readers did not refuse.

  • Redmi Note 4 – 1.04%
  • Redmi Note 5 – 0.89%
  • Redmi 4X – 0.81%
  • Redmi Note 8 Pro – 0.78%
  • Redmi 5 Plus – 0.64%
  • Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite – 0.59%
  • Xiaomi Mi 9T – 0.53%

What is the most popular smartphone among readers Android Insider.ru

The Galaxy S8 is so cool it's still popular today

In second place in terms of popularity is the three-year-old Galaxy S8 with a share of 1.44% of the total. It is unique in that it, unlike many other smartphones, has had several waves of popularity. The first, of course, happened after the presentation. An externally attractive device with an atypical aspect ratio by the standards of that time and an almost full-screen design from a well-known brand simply could not go unnoticed. The second wave happened about a year and a half later, in 2018, when the price of the Galaxy S8 dropped below 30 thousand. For a long time, it remained an excellent choice, because the Galaxy S9 did not differ from it either externally or functionally, but at the same time it cost almost twice as much.

  • Galaxy A50 – 1.29%
  • Galaxy A5 – 1.1%
  • Galaxy S7 – 0.71%
  • Galaxy J5 – 0.64%
  • Galaxy S10e – 0.63%
  • Galaxy J7 – 0.59%

What is the most popular smartphone among readers Android Insider.ru

Honor 9X – albeit not entirely new, but definitely the most popular smartphone Huawei among readers by heart

Most interesting is the list of the most popular smartphones Huawei. The first place among the devices of this brand is, oddly enough, Honor 9X. This is a relatively new model with a 6.7-inch screen, Kirin 710F processor and 4/6 GB of RAM. In fact, internally it is a complete copy Xiaomi of P Smart Z – they even have the same identifiers. It's just that Huawei took the stuffing from the old model and fit it into the new body, giving this combination a new name and at the same time retaining the right to equip it with support for Google services. Well, since in retail it costs only 13,990 rubles, it was really difficult not to pay attention to it.

  • Honor 10 – 0.9%
  • Honor 10 Lite – 0.71%
  • Honor 9 Lite – 0.6%
  • Honor 20 – 0.54
  • Honor P20 Lite – 0.54%

As you can see, there are not so many flagship smartphones among the most popular devices. Despite this, it is clear that our readers are well versed in inexpensive devices and try to choose the most advantageous smartphones in terms of price and characteristics. Therefore, if you are looking right now for what kind of device to buy for the next couple of years, feel free to follow our list and you will not go wrong.

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