Proximity sensor in the phone

Proximity sensor in the phone The proximity sensor is a small electronic device equipped with a sensing element and emitter. By processing the speed of receiving the signal by the receiving device, the smartphone determines the distance to the nearest object and takes the necessary actions.

The sensor belongs to the category of Proximity Sensor – non-contact devices. To receive a signal and perform certain actions, you do not need to apply physical force. This series includes motion sensors, parking sensors and others. On a smartphone, the sensor window is located near the earpiece.

Proximity sensor

Proximity sensor functions

The main functions performed when using a distance sensor can be of two types:

  • Screen off.
  • Turn on the screen.

Each of the functions is useful in its own way and helps to make using your smartphone much more convenient.

  • Screen off. During a phone call, the display is locked to prevent accidental touching of the active area. It also helps to significantly save battery power.
  • Turn on the screen. The function is necessary to quickly view the presence of notifications and the general state of the phone. Taking the device out of a bag or pocket, the user can immediately see if there are messages about missed events, calls, assess the battery level without pressing any keys. Not all models are equipped with this feature.

You can enable or disable the sensor from the call settings menu. You can go to the call list and go from it to the settings or from the main settings menu – calls.

Call settings

In the list of possibilities there is a line to use the proximity sensor.

Enable proximity sensor

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Sensor calibration

If the sensor malfunctions, before contacting the service center, you can try to calibrate the device yourself.

Use the specific service codes that are specific to your device model. For example, Samsung has the following: # 0588 # – Proximity sensor testing. If the smartphone does not respond to a hand approaching the sensor window, then its operation is impaired.

To configure, you can use special applications that are offered free of charge on PlayMarket. As an example, we use “Proximity Sensor Reset”. The program must be downloaded and installed.

Proximity sensor Reset

The app provides clear instructions for each step.

First step

In the second step, cover the sensor location with your hand and press the next button.

Second step

After that, it is suggested to start the calibration.

Calibration start

The results must be saved and the device rebooted.

Calibration results

After that, the work of the sensor should be restored.

If, when closing with a hand, the sensitivity indicators do not change, then only contacting a specialist will help. Not everyone will succeed in replacing the sensor or changing the device firmware on their own, and it is better to entrust this matter to a professional.

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