The most powerful Android smartphones named as of summer 2020

Smartphone performance no longer matters the way it used to play. If 5-7 years ago to take a low-power device on Android meant to doom yourself to regular lags and interface freezes, now no one even remembers this. So, at least, I thought, because I myself practically stopped paying attention to the processor, which forms the hardware basis of the chosen smartphone. But, as it turned out, there is still a separate category of users for whom both the filling and the synthetic power are more important than all other characteristics.

The most powerful Android smartphones named as of summer 2020

Performance still matters for some users

You can calculate the performance of a smartphone today using the same methods as before. For this, the most common benchmark is taken, like AnTuTu or Geekbench, which simulates the load on the hardware, typical for heavy tasks, and assesses how quickly and efficiently the smartphone coped with the processing of the tasks assigned to it. Generally, the higher the score, the better the performance. And since the computing power of different smartphones, even with identical filling, can differ very significantly, it is not so difficult to calculate the most productive one.

The most powerful smartphones of 2020

The most powerful Android smartphones named as of summer 2020

There are really a lot of productive smartphones, but does it make sense?

  • Oppo Find X2 Pro
  • Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro
  • Oppo Find X2
  • Oppo Ace2
  • iQOO Neo3
  • Redmi K30 Pro
  • Realme X50 Pro player version
  • iQOO 3
  • Meizu 17 Pro
  • OnePlus 8 Pro

Despite the fact that the difference in performance between these smartphones cannot be called colossal, it still exists, although they are based on the same processor. In fact, this is not particularly surprising. First, the software is of great importance here, which, with proper optimization, can be able to squeeze the maximum out of the hardware, which is beyond the power of other devices. Secondly, the memory used by the manufacturer is reflected in the performance as such. Some smartphones are equipped with very fast and more expensive storage devices, and some – slower and cheaper. Moreover, this can be calculated only by direct comparison, since separately the difference is almost imperceptible.

As for the value of such an indicator as productivity, there are many discrepancies here. Some prefer to focus exclusively on synthetics, since, in their opinion, only benchmarks are able to recognize the real potential of a smartphone. Others, on the contrary, are wary of computing power, preferring to build on the real performance of the device. After all, if the device works slowly and, as they say, does not pull, then what difference does it make how many 'parrots' in AnTuTu it even gave out?

Is smartphone performance important?

The most powerful Android smartphones named as of summer 2020

High performance can be cheating

Personally, I belong to the latter and pay attention to the real performance of the smartphone. The fact is that I know that many manufacturers in a special way optimize the software of their devices for benchmarks, so that they give out more numbers. Thus, for example, Huawei did, and when the company was caught in falsifying the facts, one of its top managers made an exculpatory statement, stressing that users themselves want to see high performance indicators, and developers just a little they played along.

In general, synthetic testing is a rather arbitrary thing. Yes, a benchmark can overclock the processor and make it run fast. But can other apps do the same? Not a fact, because not everything depends on the hardware itself. It is very important that third-party software and games developers optimize them for each hardware combination. That is why the Honor View 20, which was released at the end of 2018 and does not have the most powerful processor, supports 60 fps in Fortnite, while many flagships of 2020 do not.

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