The most failed smartphone of the year will receive the second generation

There have been many problems this year with smartphones that have entered the market. This concerns not only the difficulties of Huawei, which needs to somehow get used to living in a new world empty without Google. The OnePlus 8 wasn't alone in having issues with its price tag. Probably the most disastrous smartphone of the year (at least the beginning) was Motorola RAZR. The company really wanted to release it before the others and in general it worked out, but the quality was such that the public was very unhappy. What to do now if such a failure has already occurred? Apparently, the company is ready to fix the bugs and release the second generation of this smartphone. This was stated by one of the leaders of the company. Will they succeed on the second try?

The most failed smartphone of the year will receive the second generation

This smartphone was very promising.

Why Motorola RAZR is a company failure

When the smartphone first appeared in the “rumors” section, many said that now this is what you need. After the strange foldable Huawei Mate X and Samsung Galaxy Fold, to which people had many questions, the release of the classic “clamshell” in a new way seemed to everyone just salvation.

Time passed and the smartphone gradually ceased to be a rumor. But for some reason it was postponed and postponed. In the end, it came out, but was assembled in a hurry and not only consisted of problems, but itself was a problem. It worked very little on battery power, did not shine with performance, and its bendable screen just broke. For such a price, it was unacceptable to buy this device.

The release of such a smartphone before Samsung could breathe new life into the once very strong brand, which now belongs to Lenovo. But it didn’t grow together and then there were two ways – to end there and lose the money invested, or to modify the device and release its second generation without haste. The company chose the second path.

When will Motorola RAZR 2 come out

There has not yet been an official statement that the new product will still appear on sale. But there is something equally weighty in terms of evidence. Namely, the words of one of its leaders, who simply should not be scattered about by them.

If this is true, then the smartphone will be released very quickly for a full second version. The first folding RARZ came out in February this year. In just six months, it is updated. It really looks a lot like just fixing bugs. If the company had not been in a hurry initially, but had waited until it could assemble a normal device, it would have had much less problems. But they bet and lost.

The most failed smartphone of the year will receive the second generation

Such a screen is a real failure.

What will the Motorola second generation RAZR be

The most important thing to do in the second generation is to fix the screen problem. At the very least, it should not break, unlike the first generation. The second obvious step is to improve autonomy. There are many solutions here: installing a more capacious battery, optimizing the software and installing less “gluttonous” components (especially the screen).

Besides that, you need to do something about the price. The novelty should cost at least no more than the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, which sells for $ 1,500. Better to keep the price even lower to compensate for the previous failure and win over buyers. At least at the first stage, the price could be made lower. This is not usually done, but Motorola, like Nokia, must act abruptly and unpredictably in order to regain at least some of the former greatness and respect for the brand.

If this is the case, there is a chance (not even “most likely”) that people will be willing to give their smartphone a second chance. It must be understood that $ 1,500 is not the amount that many would be willing to risk, especially when remembering the problems of the first generation. Many, for example, still cannot forgive Samsung for the problems with its Galaxy Note 7, despite the release of several successful generations after that.

Why Motorola launches a foldable smartphone

I can only guess how the company acted and what it thought about in February, when literally everything fell out of hand. If you do not agree with this, we can discuss this topic in our Telegram chat.

The most failed smartphone of the year will receive the second generation

You would hardly want this for your smartphone.

My guess is that the “drop it all, go home” sentiment may have existed after such a failure, especially if the company was confident that it was not launching a raw product on the market and somehow believed in its success. It was logical then, but after a while it became clear how well the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip was selling.

Proceeding from this, not stupid analysts realized that there are prospects in such a form factor and we must continue to do something, especially since the company has a base and fixing errors will not be as expensive as creating something new.

Let's see how things unfold, but it looks like a new folding Motorola will be. We're also expecting two new foldable Galaxy Folds by the fall. And according to rumors, Nokia is also preparing something. In general, autumn will be hot.

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