The leak has set the release schedule for many new Snapdragon processors on fire. When to expect smartphones?

Recently from Qualcomm, which is not news, one solid vanilla. They will come up with some kind of robot with 5G, then they will show new developments in mixed reality, then they will release a processor with a frequency of more than 3 GHz. Everything is somehow too sweet and even cloying. The news that for the sake of Qualcomm the USA may force MediaTek to refuse to work with Huawei slightly diluted this positive wave. Now we have been shown a leak that gives an idea of ​​when the new processors will come out. It talks not only about the flagships, but also about other models that are of no less interest.

The leak has set the release schedule for many new Snapdragon processors on fire.  When to expect smartphones?

There have been no leaks from Qualcomm for a long time.

New Qualcomm processors

Qualcomm recently revealed its new flagship Snapdragon 865 Plus chipset, which, as the name suggests, is an upgraded version of the Snapdragon 865 that the company launched last year. This time, it didn't just come out as a regular update. He crossed the psychological frontier and showed that mobile processors can already have frequencies above 3 GHz. This is really important and Qualcomm did it first.

Now the company is preparing to release its next generation flagship chipset, which will likely be called the Snapdragon 875. Although the company has not officially recognized this yet, it would not be logical to expect otherwise, unless the company's engineers are preparing some kind of super breakthrough, and already it will be impossible to talk about the old line. However, this is also possible if the new architecture is already ready to mass-produce processors on it.

Processor release schedule Qualcomm Snapdragon

Now a leak has been found on Weibo that shows when the new chipsets of the famous American manufacturer are planned to be released. The picture, which was posted on a Chinese social network, shows a quarterly graph that clearly states what time each processor generation is due out. This is very interesting and even gives an idea of ​​when new smartphones based on these chipsets will come out.

The leak has set the release schedule for many new Snapdragon processors on fire.  When to expect smartphones?

This is how the processors will come out.

For example, you can see that the Snapdragon 460 and Snapdragon 662 will be released in the fourth quarter of this year. The latter should be at the heart of Samsung's new tablet, which I talked about this week. It has appeared on GeekBench and, apparently, this is the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 (2020).

The leak has set the release schedule for many new Snapdragon processors on fire.  When to expect smartphones?

A new tablet from Samsung is always a pleasure.

When will Snapdragon 87 5G and Snapdragon 43 5G come out

In addition, in the release schedule, you can see that Snapdragon 87 5G and Snapdragon 43 5G will be presented in the first quarter of 2021. In addition, Snapdragon 73 5G is slated to launch in the first or second quarter of next year. That is, we have even less reason to doubt that the next generation Samsung Galaxy S will be one of the first devices to receive an 875 series processor.

Interestingly, the standard chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon 875 is not listed. Usually the company shows it at the end of the year. This has been the case for many previous years.

In addition to the model and production period, you can see that in some cases the manufacturer, consumer and even the technical process are shown as additional information. From this we can conclude that Snapdragon 87 5G and Snapdragon 73 5G are Qualcomm's flagship and mid-range chipsets, scheduled for release in 2021. Both are manufactured using Samsung's 5nm EUV process, which improves performance by 10 percent and reduces power consumption by 20 percent.

Increasing performance is, of course, good, but even with processors from the middle segment, everything is more or less normal with this now, but lowering power consumption is really important. Especially against the background of increasing requirements for smartphones from users and widespread adoption 5G, which should be supported by these processors. It is 5G that the modem will lead to an overall increase in power consumption. And although the new development of OPPO with charging a smartphone in 20 minutes partially solves this problem, you still need to somehow get out of the situation and reduce the level of energy consumption.

The leak has set the release schedule for many new Snapdragon processors on fire.  When to expect smartphones?

New processors are always more than just a new chip. It carries with it a whole generation of new smartphones.

Cortex X1 architecture

Qualcomm is expected to move some of its flagship processors to a new architecture in the near future using a combination of Cortex X1 Super Core + Cortex A78 Large Core. This should happen in Snapdragon 87 5G. With this architecture, the chipset can break performance records for Android – smartphones that are still inferior in this indicator iPhone with their chips Apple A13 Bionic.

The leak also indicates that Qualcomm's rival company MediaTek is set to release the Dimensity 600 chipset in the third quarter of this year. The Taiwanese company has reportedly received a large number of orders for the upcoming chipset. However, what devices will be equipped with it is not yet clear, but we will find out in the near future. For now, you can make your predictions in our Telegram chat. Then we will check them with reality.

So far, we can say that based on the emerging schedule for the release of processors, we understand before what time we should not wait for the release of smartphones that traditionally used this series of chipsets.

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