The most easily repaired smartphones

Maintainability, an important parameter that many for some reason do not pay attention to. What if the phone is broken? It needs to be repaired! It is logical. But what if the repair costs a coin, without which no Witcher can get down to work? In this case, one had to think before buying a phone with rounded edges and 3D glass. This article presents the most easily repaired phones that you can easily repair yourself. We advise all owners of Galaxy S smartphones who have flooded Avito with their devices with broken screens to pay attention to them.

The most easily repaired smartphones

Which phones are the easiest to repair?

You might have thought it would be about iPhone, but no. If iPhone 6 was really easy to repair, and even I – an inexperienced citizen in this matter – was able to replace the input for Lightning and the battery, then in the case of the new iPhone everything, of course, is not so rosy due to the complexity of the design.

However, there is a way out – you can take a closer look at the devices below, because they are the most maintainable.

Fairphone 3 – for true Lego lovers

Let's start with Fairphone 3. We've already written about Fairphone 2, now it's time for a new generation. The phone scored 10 out of 10 in the iFixit test. This is the maximum possible score. The company has focused on modularity. The phone is equipped with a 3060mAh battery as well as a 5.65-inch display that can be easily replaced. In addition, the battery in the device is removable, which is some kind of fairy tale for 2020. You will find a screwdriver included with the phone, and there are hints inside the case to make disassembling the device even easier. In addition, Fairphone officially offers to purchase spare parts for the phone. For example, the display will cost you only 89 euros, and the battery costs 29 euros on the official website.

SHIFT6m – German quality

This is another rugged smartphone. The phone falls short of Fairphone, but 9 points out of 10 is still a good result. So, the device offers a 4242 mAh battery and a 5.7-inch display that is easy to remove. The manufacturer offers its customers instructions for disassembling the phone.

How easy is the phone to disassemble? Removing the back cover allows you to easily replace the battery, and by unscrewing a series of screws under the cover, you can easily detach the display and replace it with a new one. It's not for nothing that iFixit gave the phone 9 points!

Google Pixel 3a – good camera and easy repair

Another easily repairable phone is the Pixel 3a. The device scored an attractive 6 out of 10 from iFixit. And, in addition to the low cost and high quality of the camera, it also offers its consumers a fairly simple process of replacing parts. In the Pixel 3a, replacing the battery and display is an easy task. It can be seen that the engineers have tried to focus on clever design of the internals of the phone.

The video above shows the replacement of the smartphone screen. You will notice that for this you need to disconnect only one cable connecting the screen to the case.

OnePlus 7T – a flagship that is not scary to disassemble

The device received a 5 out of 10 points from iFixit. This is not the best indicator, but still not bad against the background of all other phones. OnePlus 7T owners can even replace the device's battery on their own. The video above shows the process of disassembling the phone.

Foldable smartphones are the hardest to repair

I think it's no secret to anyone that the appearance of folding devices on the market will make smartphones as difficult to repair as possible. For example, we recently wrote about the Motorola Razr, which has proven to be the most difficult phone on the market to design. And, in particular, it concerns maintainability. The more complex the design of the device, the more difficult it is to repair, as a rule. From this it follows that it is unlikely that in the future we will see even more maintainable smartphones than those presented above.

It is interesting to know your opinion. How important is the ability to easily repair your phone yourself? Share your opinion in the comments and subscribe to our Telegram news.

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