The most anticipated flagships of 2020 and why they might not be

The year has just begun, and we have already seen its novelties. Cool Samsung Galaxy S20, controversial Motorola RAZR and slightly disappointing OPPO Reno. All this is just the beginning and many interesting things await us ahead. This year should be a watershed in terms of technology. First, fifth-generation networks are developing very quickly and the first steps have been taken for their development – smartphones with their support have appeared. Now that there is demand, operators will provide supply. But that's not the only technology this year will bring us. Now let's not touch the already released smartphones. This has been done more than once. We'd better discuss what else to expect and evaluate the prospects for their release.

The most anticipated flagships of 2020 and why they might not be

What will be the flagships of this year?

Will new smartphones be released amid a pandemic

There is only one significant obstacle to the release of new flagship smartphones. The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic is currently raging in the world, which has greatly spoiled the lives of people in almost all countries. There are only two ways further. The first path leads to an improvement in the situation, while the second leads to further deterioration. In any case, the year will be difficult and many may not be up to new expensive smartphones. They will continue to run for toilet paper and buy antiseptics, which have already run out everywhere, but which can be made from just two components. That is why it can be considered difficult for all manufacturers. The drop in sales is simply guaranteed and not only in Huawei, and not only in some countries.

Of course, manufacturers are ready for this and have already tightened their belts a little. Even the stock market further confirms that not everything is so good. This can be seen in the example of how the share price of almost all companies falls. That is, the world economy is experiencing not the best times. And all because of some kind of garbage, which is not even visible in every microscope. But the lives of people are behind it and this is already changing a lot.

To protect people from the virus, the world's largest manufacturers have closed their factories and event organizers have canceled scheduled presentations and conferences. Some even forever.

If the transfer of employees to homework led to a deterioration in the quality of YouTube and the cancellation of Google updates, which I mentioned earlier, then problems with the production of smartphones are only a matter of time. To create a new device, engineers, developers, designers, marketers and many other employees must constantly come together. Communication systems cannot always replace such charges. Therefore, the creation of many smartphones becomes very difficult.

The most anticipated flagships of 2020 and why they might not be

Google I / O has been canceled. What to do next?

Let's say companies postpone the launch and postpone it to next year, breaking the usual update cycle. In this case, they will incur serious losses due to the fact that no one has canceled the fixed costs of their activities and they need to earn money on something.

In this regard, perhaps we will see new smartphones, but some functions will carry over to the next generations. That is, the flagships of this year will not be as cool as they could have been initially.

Okay, let's not start panic ahead of time, but let's hope for the best. For now, let's just remember what we are waiting for and discuss the characteristics of these devices.

Will there be a second generation Samsung Galaxy Fold 2

The first generation of this smartphone caused a lot of controversy. But it was it that became the first smartphone with a folding screen. While it didn't work out very well on the first try, being a pioneer in this area is worth a lot.

Many people say that foldable smartphones are unnecessary. It seems to me that such an opinion will be popular only as long as there is a crease on the screens, and the price bites very hard. If you remove these two factors, such smartphones will be much more interesting and attractive to users. Especially if later they learn to fold three or more times, and the software can provide a full transition from a smartphone format to a tablet.

The most anticipated flagships of 2020 and why they might not be

Oh, this fold …

So far, only two and a half manufacturers have full-fledged folding devices – Samsung, Huawei and with grief in half Motorola. Oh yeah, I forgot about Escobar Fold. But you saw what a deception and a pyramid it turned out to be. At the same time, Samsung has the most folding smartphones. There are two of them and they are really different. Now it's time to update the first generation Galaxy Fold. Apparently, it should appear in the near future.

It is highly likely that the smartphone will be shown in August this year, and the price will be around one and a half thousand dollars. Iron, of course, will be top-end. The main thing is that it does not fall apart in your hands, like the first models of the first generation last fall.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 presentation

It is very likely that the Galaxy Fold 2 will be shown at the same presentation with the new “Note” series. Even without a clamshell smartphone, the Galaxy Note 20 will be interesting in and of itself. Last year, the “dozen” surprised us with minimal frames and a stylish glass back wall. The smartphone looked just gorgeous and was not technically deprived.

This year's novelty will also be top-end in hardware, but against the background of the Fold, its price will not seem so great and will amount to “only” one thousand dollars. By tradition, it will be complemented by the S Pen stylus.

The most anticipated flagships of 2020 and why they might not be

Famous Galaxy Note detail. S Pen stylus

We can almost certainly say that the new product will have a top-end camera no worse than the Galaxy S20. And communication will be possible through fifth generation networks. Moreover, it is South Korea that is the locomotive in promoting such networks. It was in this country that the first commercial networks “stretched” 5G.

When Google Pixel 5 comes out

The Google Pixel is just as interesting. Not all generations of this family have been cool. Some of them raised serious questions, but it is the fifth generation that many expect, as something significant.

Before that, we are waiting for the Google Pixel 4a, which I already talked about in detail, and I will not dwell on it now. The flagship is due out on October 14, 2020, and the price will be about $ 800.

The most anticipated flagships of 2020 and why they might not be

The Google Pixel 5 is as logical as we expect.

I would like to believe that the new product will solve the problem of the previous generation with weak autonomy and just become a good rethinking of the past. If a company makes a smartphone from scratch, taking into account the accumulated experience, the novelty can become really cool. So far, little is known about it, but, as usual, the filling will be flagship with an excellent camera. And still there will be no problems with Google services, like the next upcoming flagship.

Huawei P40 Pro is just around the corner

This smartphone should appear very soon, or rather, this month, if you believe the numerous leaks, which are becoming more and more. Even the design has already leaked to the Web and we know that the new product will be very similar to the Samsung Galaxy S20. I don't think it's worth talking about the stolen design. Rather, it is just a coincidence that fits well with the trends in the development of camera modules. They all develop in the same direction and are almost the main element that determines the design of smartphones.

The biggest problem with the new Huawei will be the lack of Google services. Right now the company starts to feel the sanctions. It is impossible to endlessly release old models in a new case. Yes, you can keep Google this way, but technologies are developing and we need to keep up with them.

The most anticipated flagships of 2020 and why they might not be

If rumors and leaks are to be believed, the Huawei P40 Pro will be like this.

There is nothing difficult to install Google services on your smartphone Huawei. To do this, you don't even need to root it, there are many instructions on this on the network. The whole procedure takes just a few minutes. Everyone will return except Google Pay. Perhaps the company will come up with something, and it is possible that it will be announced at the upcoming presentation, which obviously will not be held in an offline format.

The main focus, as usual, will be on camera and availability 5G, and the price will be around $ 1,000. Although, for the success of a smartphone with buyers, given the difficulties with Google, the price should be significantly lower for the same quality.

Huawei Mate 40 Pro in September

Huawei Mate of new generations is always shown in September. Most likely, this year will not be an exception. Of course, if nothing extraordinary happens.

It will put a lot of emphasis on fifth-generation networks, performance, 3D facial recognition and other useful features. But here's another problem with Android and Google services. Let's see what happens, but the company's development vector will be clear in the near future, after the release of the P40 Pro.

The most anticipated flagships of 2020 and why they might not be

It's too early to guess what the Huawei Mate 40 Pro will be like. But it's still interesting.

If all goes well, we will see the Huawei Mate 40 Pro in early September and the price will be around $ 1,000. Although, again, something must be done with it in the difficult conditions in which the company now finds itself.

OnePlus 8 will be released in three variants

I have already talked more than once about the new OnePlus 8. The most important thing is that now there will be three models in the family and they will be built very logically. There will be no extra letters and numbers. Just “Lite”, “Pro” and the regular version. It's simple.

The specs will be very steep, including the IP68 for the “Pro” version. But the price will again be slightly higher and the top version will cost about $ 800. When the smartphone reaches Europe and Russia, the price is likely to jump to 1,000 euros. This is already impressive and the language does not turn to call the smartphone accessible.

All that remains is to wish the smartphone a good camera, which sometimes has questions. Otherwise, everything works smoothly and quickly. Everything will run especially smoothly on the new 120Hz display.

The most anticipated flagships of 2020 and why they might not be

The OnePlus 8 should once again highlight the company's commitment to leadership.

Interesting and changes that will appear a little later this year in the rethinking, which will be called the OnePlus 8T. But it is too early to talk about it. Let's wait until May and first see what the usual “eight” will be.

Most Gaming ASUS ROG Phone

The new ASUS ROG Phone is imminent. At the very least, you need to upgrade the processor and install a 120Hz display. Perhaps, branded accessories will also be updated, which very favorably distinguished the smartphone against the background of competitors. Although, did they have such a niche device.

The most anticipated flagships of 2020 and why they might not be

If you're a gamer, you probably already have one.

Most likely, the novelty will be released this summer, and the price will not start at $ 800, which is not so little, but, given its capabilities, it is generally enough. True, the camera will definitely not be his forte. But is it so important for a gamer. The main thing is that the battery lasts longer.

Apple cooks iPhone 12

If most of the leaks are to be believed, iPhone will skip the “S” this year and get the 12th number right away. It should also be one of the most significant updates.

iPhone 12 will be one of the biggest updates for the iPhone family in recent memory. First, it will add support for 5G, and most likely, the iconic design of models from iPhone 4 to iPhone SE will return. It has already been implemented in iPad Pro of the new generation and now just asks for iPhone.

The most anticipated flagships of 2020 and why they might not be

Perhaps this is how the new camera module will look like iPhone. If you suffer from trypophobia, walk by.

It is possible that the camera will acquire a fourth module or a 3D space scanner, which is in iPad Pro presented this week. This change is quite logical against the background of the company's great interest in AR.

Which smartphone to buy in 2020

I gave a few examples of flagships that 2020 can please us with. Of course, in modern conditions no one can guarantee their output, but let's hope for the best.

They will be expensive, so more affordable models will also be interesting, among which there will also be something to choose from. Some iPhone 9 and Google Pixel 4a are worth something. There will be plenty to choose from. Moreover, new technologies descend from the flagships to the middle peasants faster than they appear.

All this is very interesting, so we reserve ourselves patience and wait for how and what manufacturers will surprise us with.

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