The best-selling smartphones at the beginning of 2020

When buying a smartphone, you need to understand how much it is in demand in the market. Strong demand means better support from the manufacturer and a large user community to help solve problems with your phone. But how do you know which device is the most popular? This material will help us with this. It's time to share the best selling smartphones in 2019. Each of you is probably interested to know if your gadget is on this list. This year is special for a number of reasons.

The best-selling smartphones at the beginning of 2020

Top Selling Android – Smartphones at the beginning of 2020

It's worth starting with the fact that in 2019 the best-selling smartphones were:

  • iPhone XR – 46.3 million
  • iPhone 11 – 37.3 million
  • Samsung Galaxy A10 – 30.3 million
  • Samsung Galaxy A50 – 24.2 million
  • Samsung Galaxy A20 – 19.2 million
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max – 17.6 million
  • iPhone 8 – 17.4 million
  • Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 – 16.4 million
  • iPhone 11 Pro – 15.5M
  • Samsung Galaxy J2 Core – 15.2 million

2018 was very different from what we are seeing now. Here is the list of the best-selling smartphones in 2018:

  • iPhone 8 – 31.5 million
  • iPhone X – 27.5 million
  • iPhone 8 Plus – 25.6 million
  • Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Plus – 25.2 million
  • iPhone XR – 23.1 million
  • iPhone XS Max 21.3 million
  • Samsung Galaxy S9 19.3 million
  • Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus 16.1 million
  • Huawei P20 Lite 16 million
  • Apple iPhone XS 15.5 million

It can be seen that in 2019 the leadership in the segment of premium devices is Apple. Surprisingly, in 2019, the best-selling phone in the world turned out to be the device of 2018 – iPhone XR. And all because Apple with the release of iPhone 11 lowered the price of XR, making it even more attractive to buy. The best selling in 2018 iPhone 8 was bought by 31.5 million users, in 2019 XR managed to sell 46.3 million units. This is a huge figure – a real people's telephone.

The best-selling smartphones at the beginning of 2020

iPhone XR and iPhone 11 Top Selling Smartphones of 2019

In second place is iPhone 11. And this is also quite understandable – a budget flagship from Apple with a flagship design and a powerful processor cannot sell badly. But in third place is the Samsung Galaxy A10. Due to the low cost and proprietary One UI shell, the initial phone in the Galaxy A10 line is in considerable demand – 30.3 million is a lot. Earlier we published a list of the most inexpensive devices in the Galaxy lineup and a list of the best phones under 10 thousand rubles. In both cases, the Galaxy A10 looked decent.

One phone from Xiaomi – Redmi Note 8 is also in the top of the best-selling devices. A total of 16.4 million devices were sold. This is a serious result for Xiaomi.

Now let's understand what is wrong with this top. Firstly, there are no Galaxy S10 devices on the list. How so? It turns out that according to the most optimistic forecasts, Samsung managed to sell about 15 million Galaxy S10. These are frankly weak numbers compared to last year's S9 – the Koreans sold 19.3 million phones.

Galaxy S10 sales fail?

It turns out like this. Most likely, Samsung, offering users the Galaxy A line, simply killed consumer interest in their own flagships. In order not to be unfounded, let's compare the Galaxy A50 and Galaxy S10e.

Galaxy A50 vs Galaxy S10e

The best-selling smartphones at the beginning of 2020

Samsung Galaxy A50

The A50 has a 6.4-inch display, a 25-megapixel camera, 4/6 GB of RAM and 64/128 GB of internal memory, it has a 4000 mAh battery, it has a good Exynos 9610 processor. And you can buy it for 13-14 thousand rubles. On the contrary, Samsung offers the S10e for 40-60 thousand rubles with a powerful processor, a good camera and all the most modern. But do users need it? It is much more logical to buy the A50, because it is balanced for your money, and besides, it offers AMOLED – a screen typical of flagship lines.

In 2020, people will increasingly pay attention to the Galaxy A line for one simple reason – they are not much different from the flagships. It is enough to look even externally at the new A51 to understand it.

In the case of Apple, the situation is similar, people buy a smartphone that looks similar to more expensive solutions. The iPhone XR offers a flagship look, iOS and a fairly powerful processor for a pretty attractive $ 600. But in the case of Apple people are ready to give that kind of money, but in the case of Samsung we are talking about a price range of $ 200-300.

It is also surprising that there are no devices in the list Huawei. And this despite the fact that the company is the second most popular in Russia and the third most popular in the world after Samsung and Apple. This says only one thing, Huawei offers users a pricing policy in which there are no more or less attractive devices for their price. Probably all of the company's gadgets are priced according to the technical specifications. In the case of Xiaomi, games with a price / performance ratio are always interesting. For example, Redmi Note 7 at the start of sales was estimated at 10 thousand rubles and offered a 6.3-inch FHD-display, 4000 mAh battery, 3 GB of RAM, 32 GB of ROM, Snapdragon 660, 48-megapixel camera . Obviously, for its money, this is simply the best phone in the lineup Redmi. It meets the needs of most people and is extremely attractive for the price.

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