Spanish shame. Huawei disgraced herself again by presenting her professional photo as her own

What component defines a flagship smartphone today? Of course, this is a camera – not a processor or even a battery, although they are important too – namely a camera. It is desirable that it have a minimum of 4, or better 5 modules, a resolution of about 100 megapixels and a 10- or better 50x zoom. It is difficult to say why this is necessary in practice, but at all presentations, manufacturers show such cool promo photos taken on their branded smartphones that you involuntarily start wanting the same device for yourself to start taking the same pictures. True, this impulse lasts exactly until you find out that they were made not on a smartphone, but on a professional camera, like Huawei.

Spanish shame.  Huawei disgraced herself again by presenting her professional photo as her own

Huawei has a cool camera phone that wasn't enough to take some cool pictures with it

Huawei was again in the spotlight, presenting the picture taken with a professional camera as her own. The company posted a video on its Weibo page with a selection of photos that were allegedly taken with the camera of its branded devices. True, the deception was revealed quite quickly, because one of the users discovered that he had seen one of the images before, and after a short search, he found it on one of the popular 500px stock photos. It was immediately revealed that the original photo was taken with a Nikon camera, as evidenced by EXIF ​​data.

Shame Huawei

Spanish shame.  Huawei disgraced herself again by presenting her professional photo as her own

Here is this unfortunate snapshot, because of which I was disgraced Huawei

Huawei – to her credit – she confessed to the forgery, acknowledged the mistake and thanked the user who found the discrepancy for their care. And everything would be fine if it were not for the desire of the company's press service employees to justify themselves, which drowned both them and the authority of their employer, who now can only sympathize. A spokesperson Huawei stated that the editor who worked on the video of the compilation of photos simply mistakenly indicated that they were taken on their own machines Huawei.

That is, these guys decided to ride over our ears and prove that they were not really going to attribute the authorship of the photo taken by an outside photographer to themselves, and everything that happened was an absurd accident. Let's say it's true, but then it turns out that you are even greater hypocrites. After all, if you didn’t want to make a postscript, but published the photo as part of promotional materials, then you wanted people to think that the photo was taken on your new smartphone, which turned out to be a camera phone by accident. One out of two. But neither one nor the other justifies Huawei, but only drowns it even deeper.

Problems Huawei

Spanish shame.  Huawei disgraced herself again by presenting her professional photo as her own

Doesn't Huawei have someone who can take the P40 Pro and take good pictures?

In this situation, I see three problems at once.

  • Firstly, Huawei lies to its users, presenting professional pictures as the result of their smartphones, which, apparently, are generally useless for anything, if the company did not even dare to try to shoot something of its own, even with a new one P40 Pro.
  • Secondly, Huawei I didn't care about testing my devices, because I don't see any other reason why it was impossible to hire a photographer and send him to take some cool photos that could be retouched and processed in every possible way so that the final result no longer looks like the original, but it would be a real shot from the camera Huawei of the P40 Pro.
  • Thirdly, there are real enemies Huawei working in Huawei who, instead of simply apologizing for the mistake and fixing it, began to come up with ridiculous excuses and, as a result, disgraced the company so that now it it will take a few more years to clean up to forget about this incident.

If you know what Spanish shame is, then know that I experienced it when I found out how badly I screwed up Huawei. After all, it is one thing to simply deceive users in a quiet way, and quite another thing is not to take out even this and prove to everyone your insolvency. What for? Why? Personally, I have no idea why such a company, which has every chance of being at the forefront, makes such mistakes and disgraces itself over and over again and buries its reputation. I deliberately say 'over and over again' because this is not the first time Chinese people have been caught forgery. From this I conclude that they consciously chose 'rake dance' as their strategy, and they simply do not see any other way of development for themselves.

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