Soon we will stop choosing the color of the smartphone and will download it

When you buy a smartphone, you pay a lot of attention to which one to choose. Then you start looking at the characteristics and think about what kind of memory to take, RAM. Then the choice of color begins, because I want to buy something bright and interesting, but I don’t want to buy something that will get bored in a month. In the end, a smartphone is bought for a long time and is expensive, so everything should be fine in it. Choosing a color is probably one of the hardest things to do if you don't stick to the “black only” principle. With the new technology that has appeared on the web, the choice at this stage can become much easier. We will soon be thanking you for this electrochromic glass.

Colored smartphones

Smartphone color will soon become a thing of the past.

A smartphone that changes color

Imagine that you could buy a smartphone that changes the color of the back panel without having to buy anything. That is, covers, stickers and the like will not be needed. You just have a smartphone in your hands that only changes color. This is really cool and this technology is getting closer. At least a ready-made prototype already exists, according to a short video that appeared on the web.

It should be noted that this is not yet a finished product of one of the brands, which has leaked somewhere and is about to appear at the presentation. Apparently, this is a real prototype, on which someone is working so that it would not be identified, its camera is sealed, and all identification marks have been removed from the body. This prototype of the device was shared by the well-known Ice Universe insider.

The short video he shared in Twitter shows a device that can change the color of the case. At first, the “tube” was the same color, and then it smoothly changed not even the shade, but the color. The source does not mention which company this prototype was made by, but the feature is quite interesting to say the least. She can bring us a lot. So we will bring closer the future, which we were shown in the movies, when you can press a button and the thing will change color.

Ice Universe dubbed this back panel a “decolorizing back case” and says the decolorization rate can also be adjusted. In general, this is logical, since the color has changed to gray. That is, one that can be considered colorless.

Color change

It's the same smartphone that just changed color.

How a smartphone changes color

Some of you are probably wondering how this is possible, right? Well, you might be surprised, but we've seen this technology before. Even though it had a slightly different look and scope, this has already happened. Don't you remember?

A few years ago, OnePlus launched an electrochromic glass smartphone. Then OnePlus used it in a special version of the OnePlus 6T phone (OnePlus Concept One). Back then, similar glass was used to hide the rear cameras. It seems that now such technologies should come to the entire rear panel.

It was on the use of such technology that Mishaal Rahman from XDA Developers drew attention in the comments. The use of this particular technology may turn out to be the most correct and beneficial, since the effect will be achieved quite steep, but the battery consumption will be minimal, if at all. Needless to say, the battery is the most vulnerable part of almost any modern smartphone.

How did the smartphone change color

Let me remind you that we still do not know which company made this prototype. It is also not yet clear when we will see the application of this technology and whether we will see it at all. On the other hand, if the system works, then this could be what sets the manufacturer apart from the rest, a bit stagnant in terms of technology, the market. It can be assumed that the first such technology is implemented by OnePlus.

Smartphone color

Soon, marketers who come up with color names will be a thing of the past.

The company has indeed stated that some of its future phones may use electrochromic glass. The company will likely use this technology to hide the main camera. Perhaps in the same way it will hide the color of the back panel.

When the color-changing smartphone comes out

Let's hope that electrochromic glass, at least for cameras, will return in the near future. It's certainly not the most essential tech for a phone, but it's definitely cool.

Maybe the first company to use such a solution in a serial smartphone won't be OnePlus either. At least I believe that the Chinese will be the pioneers, in particular the BBK group of companies – OPPO, Vivo and that OnePlus.

If the application of the technology begins, new colors can not only be added during the production of a smartphone, but also released with updates. In general, it sounds very promising and tempting. Just imagine how you go to the app store and download not an app with wallpaper, but a set of body colors. Or even cooler … An update of the operating system arrives, and it says that among the innovations there will be a new color of the case. This is really the future and many will like it very much. Given this and the fact that a prototype has already emerged, I think commercial use of the technology is just around the corner. Would you like such a smartphone?

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