Looks like Google has doubts about the quality of YouTube Music

A few months ago, Google officially announced that it was shutting down the Google Play Music service and would develop another service based on its video hosting. Naturally, it got the name YouTube Music. This move is logical from several positions. For example, with the fact that YouTube is a much stronger brand than Google Play. Of course, hundreds of millions of users download applications from there, but how can this be connected with the entertainment industry. It is much better to refer to the name of the service through which billions of people watch videos almost every day. Now there is a slight misunderstanding in the company's actions as to whether it did everything right. Or maybe she just wants to do better.

YouTube Music

Many people disliked this service due to the fact that they were forced to switch to it. Well, nothing, they will get used to it. This is probably what Google thinks.

Moving from Google Play Music to YouTube Music

Now in the world of Google there is one seemingly unremarkable event, but it is about something, yes it says. The fact is that the company is conducting a survey about what users think about its new music service called YouTube Music. The survey is addressed to those users who have already switched to it from Google Play Music and have used it for some time. At the same time, the poll is quite long, according to representatives of the 9to 5G oogle publication.

If you are not aware of this, or just forgot, let me remind you that Google has already confirmed that access to Google Play Music will be closed very soon. The termination process will begin in October this year.

It is instead of Google Play Music that users are encouraged to switch to listening to music through YouTube Music. Of course, the company does not want to lose a lot of money due to such a merger of services. Therefore, I even prepared a special tool with which users can move from one site to another without any serious difficulties.

In order not to lose their data, those who preferred to use Google Play Music and, as the captain of a sinking ship, want to be the last to leave, there is even a deadline set. If they do not transfer their data by December 2020, they will simply lose it. This move of the company caused a lot of controversy, but in general it is logical if there is a full-fledged merger of services.

YouTube Music

Let's see how popular this service will be in a couple of years.

Google survey about YouTube Music

Returning to the survey, which in itself indirectly suggests that the company is not sure of the correctness of its actions or the quality of the service, it is worth talking about it in more detail. This user survey is mainly for users who have already transferred their data to YouTube Music from Google Play Music.

Someone sees this as a way to thank users and show that their opinion is not indifferent, but why then such polls do not take place in other services. For example, I would love to comment on regular YouTube and what the company has done with the latest app update. Although, there are some functions for which I would only like to thank her.

The email that users receive has the subject 'Google Play Music away soon' and not only offers to participate in the survey, but also gives some tips on how to live on. It contains a reminder that Play Music will be deactivated by the end of this year and provides data transfer methods. The question is for whom this is, if the letter is received by those who have already crossed over. However, perhaps it is being sprayed or preparing to be sent to more users.

In addition, the letter also specifies a 30-day schedule for Download Manager and Google Play Music Store, after which these two services will be removed. Links to all this are given right at the end of the letter.

YouTube Music

Overall, YouTube Music isn't that bad, but we have to see what happens next.

What to say about YouTube Music

The survey questionnaire, in which users are invited to participate, is large enough and will take about 15-20 minutes. It contains all the questions, the answers to which will allow the company to understand how you use the service. That is, which scenarios of use in everyday life are more preferable for you.

The questionnaire first figures out which podcasts or streaming services you are using. Once you're done, you will be redirected to the questionnaire itself. In the actual survey, you will be asked questions about new services, such as YouTube Music and your experience of switching from Google Play Music.

YouTube Music

This is the only way to listen to music from Google soon.

The YouTube Music survey will ask you if you need to use cloud storage. Then there will be questions related to Google Play Music and YouTube Music again. They will offer statements with which you can agree or disagree.

Of course, the survey did not go without the standard “how did you hear about us”. True, in this case it sounds like the question 'how did you know about the need to switch to a new service'. It will be possible to select a source. Choose from websites, social media, official sources, and more.

As a result, Google will get a general idea of ​​how you use the service, how satisfied you are with the transition, and what you would like to add or change. Of course, we can assume that the company wants to get to know users better, but I take this as an attempt to soften the transition period. This happens when a company is not very confident in its actions and wants to be convinced of them. What do you think about such a castling of the company?

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