Should you buy the OnePlus 8 or is it better to wait for the Google Pixel 5?

The OnePlus 8 series gave us two models to choose from this year and a higher price tag that came close to a thousand dollars. Meanwhile, the Google Pixel 4 has been on the market for about six months now and the new model is likely to arrive in the fall. A logical question arises what to buy. On the one hand, OnePlus is on sale now, and even if not without difficulty due to the worldwide quarantine, it can be obtained very soon. On the other hand, after waiting a little longer, you can buy Google Pixel 5, which has the most important advantage among smartphones on Android – it is made by the creator of this OS. Let me help you make this difficult choice.

Should you buy the OnePlus 8 or is it better to wait for the Google Pixel 5?

OnePlus 8 is good, but what will happen to it after the Google Pixel 5 is released?

Which phone to buy in 2020

In addition to the options under consideration, there are many others, but it is these that somehow stand out in the general mobile market. You can also consider the Google Pixel 4, but the novelty is always more interesting, isn't it?

If the current leaks and rumors are anyway true, the OnePlus 8 and Pixel 5 series could be very different from each other in hardware. The key factor right now is the choice of processor. The OnePlus 8 is powered by the latest Snapdragon 865 processor with support 5G, although it is very expensive for any smartphone, not just OnePlus

The Pixel 5 is expected to come with the cheaper Snapdragon 700 series, namely the 765 or 76 5G. If true, the OnePlus 8 will be noticeably faster than the Pixel 5, especially under heavy load. For example, in games. It will be much more enjoyable to play Fortnite and PUBG on it.

Comparison of cameras OnePlus 8 and the upcoming Google Pixel 5

From what we know about the camera, these are only the specs of the OnePlus 8. It has three main modules with a resolution of 48MP, 16MP and a 2MP macro lens, the use of which I honestly don't understand.

According to numerous analytical data, most likely, the Google Pixel 5 will have the same set of cameras as a year earlier, namely, one regular and one wide-angle module. Perhaps something will change, but this is exactly what analysts and market experts are waiting for.

Should you buy the OnePlus 8 or is it better to wait for the Google Pixel 5?

However, there is also such a variant of the Google Pixel, but it's hard to believe in it.

What will be the Google Pixel

Even if the Google Pixel 5 does not really get an additional camera module and is interrupted by a simpler processor, it will still receive many good and timely updates.

For example, most likely, it will have protection against water according to the IP68 standard – in 2020 this is almost the standard for any self-respecting smartphone. True, I have already told you why you should not abuse it. Wireless charging should also appear in the novelty, which, probably, all current smartphones also have. If the Google Pixel 5 receives these two updates, it will already be enough to compete seriously with the regular OnePlus 8, which does not have wireless charging and is water resistant only in some modifications sold by carriers in the United States.

OnePlus and Pixel phones have always offered similar software, and that probably won't change this year. The OnePlus 8 runs OxygenOS built on top of Android 10 with a few useful features added. The Google Pixel 5 will almost certainly launch from Android 11, but over time, OnePlus will also get it. But for Google, the operating system is “home”. Say what, but it's still an advantage. At a minimum, the Pixel will receive security updates every month, while OnePlus will only receive security updates every two months.

OnePlus 8 and Google Pixel 5 price

The OnePlus 8 starts at $ 699 for the 8/128 GB version and $ 799 for the 12/256 GB version. There are no leaks about the prices of the Google Pixel 5 yet, but they will probably not be very high and will be minimally different from the prices of the OnePlus 8.

Google Pixel 3 and 4 cost $ 799 each. Considering that the new product will receive a cheaper processor, there is no need to say that the price will be higher. Perhaps it will remain at the same level or even decrease slightly. As a result, the OnePlus 8 will definitely not have a price advantage.

Should you rush to buy a smartphone?

While the Google Pixel 5 and OnePlus 8 will get the same software, the hardware gap could be significant. But the low price of Snapdragon 76 processors 5G, their low power consumption and a modem built into the main chip 5G will allow Google to save a lot on the purchase of this component. And it will be much easier to install it in the case.

Should you buy the OnePlus 8 or is it better to wait for the Google Pixel 5?

It's up to you whether to rush to buy this smartphone.

On the other hand, if productivity is your everything, then you shouldn't even think about it. Just buy OnePlus 8 now period. If Google Pixel 5 gets a flagship processor, it will cost more than we assumed above.

But if you need, for example, a camera, then it's definitely worth thinking about. Most likely, in Google Pixel 5 it will be better than in OnePlus 8. Even with fewer modules, Google will be able to make a great camera – largely thanks to its proprietary algorithms. Plus it will have wireless charging and water protection, which the OnePlus 8 lacks.

The move of OnePlus phones into flagship territory, coupled with rumors of a drop in hardware on the Google Pixel 5, makes the choice between the two brands more confusing than ever. However, no matter what you decide, you are bound to have a good phone. Both are worthy of their market position. The main thing is just to understand what you need.

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