Best Android Action Adventure Games (Metroidvania)

When you want to play something on your smartphone, but don't know what, you just have to download games at random or ask your friends what to play. There is another way. You can just go to our website and see the latest selection of games that we have prepared for you. Every time we publish something new, trying to take into account the interests of each user. This time we present to your attention a selection of games, which includes action movies with different shades of graphics, plot, dynamics and more. If you want to play something on the weekend, then this collection is especially for you.

Best Android Action Adventure Games (Metroidvania)

A good action movie is always a pleasure to play.

Ailment and Endurance

Ailment is the first game, and Endurance is a prequel that came later. Both games have some decent elements, including heavy shooter and action-packed mechanics, tons of unlockable weapons and items, and a decent story to tie it all together.

Ailment takes place on a ship, where the character's crew faces difficulties. Endurance is the story of how it all happened. The downside is that both games are paid, but there are no in-app purchases.

Download Ailment and Endurance

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night was one of two games that defined the metroidvania genre. The game is a complete port of the original for the PlayStation. In addition, the game has hardware controller support, a new sequel feature, unlockable achievements and support for six languages.

There is nothing more to say. This is one of the original genres and the mobile port is actually good, so many will enjoy playing it.

Download Castlevania: Symphony of the Night


Dandara is one of the best representatives of its genre on mobile devices. It's a little more Metroid-like, but it's even better. The game is a 2D open-world platformer with lots of places to explore.

Players unlock various weapons as they progress and can go back to view areas they have previously explored. The game also includes hardware controller support, puzzles, and more.

Download Dandara

Dead cells

Dead Cells is a mixture of several genres. This makes it a niche game. The game is a 2D open-world platformer with lots of things to explore.

The 'parkour' is slightly smaller than some other games, but it compensates for the combat mechanics. The world is interconnected, as it should be in this genre, and the game itself is quite dynamic.

Download Dead Cells


ICEY is a 2D side-scrolling action game with some elements of classic action movies. The main story is superbly told in the game, but other than that, it shows great battles.

The game focuses on combat mechanics and plot, so sometimes you don't even have to talk about the periphery. Many people say that the game is at the junction of several genres and in general they are right. It combines well complex scenes and a pleasant passage.

Download ICEY

Robot wants kitty

Robot Wants Kitty is actually an old franchise. This is the only mobile version of it, although earlier you could find its Flash version on the websites. The game contains a lot of things to unlock. The ultimate goal is to deliver the robot to the kitten. The game even includes its own level editor if you want to keep playing after the game officially ends. Admittedly, this is a fun game and has enough action elements to be here.

Download Robot Wants Kitty


Swordigo is an action-adventure platformer and is actually one of the best games on the list. Players run and fight bad guys. Adventures and puzzles await you to solve to complete the game. The graphics of the game are made in retro style, so it will be for an amateur. The controls are sometimes frustrating, but this game is one of those hidden gems.

Download Swordigo

Nub's Adventure

This is one of the most unique games in the genre we're talking about today. The graphics are so-so, but the game is fantastic. The player runs around the open world, avoiding obstacles and unrolling the plot.

The game's trailer does not reveal its full potential, but there is something to play there. She has a lot of good reviews and they are all well deserved.

Download Nub's Adventure


Teslagrad is a mixture of action and puzzle. You get 2D platform mechanics along with stunts and a storyline. The game also includes some character skills to help you solve puzzles as you play.

Even though the game has a narrative, it lacks dialogue, which makes it very unusual. The graphics are pretty good too, and a few other features include support for hardware controllers alongside Android TV and Nvidia Shield devices. The touchscreen controls could be better, but the developer has made significant improvements since launch. Perhaps over time, something else will change for the better.

Download Teslagrad

What to play is up to you, but maybe you can advise us something else from the interesting games. Write the name in the comments or in our Telegram chat. And at the same time write reviews about the games given in this collection.

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