Should you buy the Galaxy A51. What the real owners say about it

Choosing a smartphone for many users is a completely non-trivial process. After all, in an amicable way, you need not only to determine the price limits and the operating system, which, by the way, is not always done at the click of your fingers, but also to reveal all the compromises and advantages of the chosen model. It is not worth doing this using video reviews on YouTube, after all, it is often difficult to determine whether the presenter is speaking sincerely or simply retelling the advertising text. Therefore, it is best, firstly, to consider already proven models, and, secondly, to build on the feedback from real owners.

Should you buy the Galaxy A51.  What the real owners say about it

Galaxy A51 is the most popular smartphone of 2020. But is this status justified?

The most popular smartphone running Android in mid-2020 is the Galaxy A51. Affected by an excellent combination of price, performance and design. Moreover, the design plays an important role here, since the available devices often look frankly so-so, and Samsung decided on an unprecedented step for the industry and packed the budget A51 into the body of the flagship S20, adding all this splendor with a high-quality AMOLED display. an under-screen fingerprint scanner and a four-module camera system. It remains only to find out whether the owners themselves are satisfied with such a set.

Galaxy A51 – reviews

Should you buy the Galaxy A51.  What the real owners say about it

Galaxy A51 is cheaper in Russia than in the US and Europe

Great screen. The front camera is so small that you stop noticing it after an hour of using the device. The camera block barely protrudes from the rear panel. This makes the thickness of the device (about 8 mm) fair across its entire area. Very user-friendly One UI 2.0. Settings – heaps. Including dark theme. After the update, there are no freezes and lags. Everything works like clockwork. Cameras are my compliments. For its price – the perfect choice. I bought a phone for communications, internet, video and audio. Not for toys. The device copes with such a load with a bang, – writes the owner of the A51 on Yandex.Market.

In total, 173 reviews of the Galaxy A51 were left on the Yandex site. Of these, 36 were negative (with a score below 3 points), which is quite indicative. Moreover, some of the negative reviews were clearly left by people who have no relation to the Galaxy A51. In fact, inconsistencies testify to this. For example, a couple of reviews say that the smartphone is not equipped with a light sensor, although there is one in its design, two or three more say that the smartphone 'died' after a year and a half of use, although the A51 was released in December 2019, and before I got to Russia only in January 2020.

Galaxy A51 problems

Should you buy the Galaxy A51.  What the real owners say about it

This smartphone is not without flaws, but still very good

However, the A51 is definitely not perfect. The most common complaints about smartphones are low battery life and plastic housing. Despite the 4,000mAh battery, the Galaxy A51 only lasts a day on a single charge, users complain. True, they do not say anything about their use cases, therefore it is rather difficult to draw any conclusions about the real autonomy. However, a copy in my family lives for about two days, subject to regular use Instagram and Telegram.

As for the plastic case, I agree. If you wear a smartphone without a case, its mother-of-pearl back starts to get covered with small scratches. The same goes for the display, by the way. The manufacturer claims that it is Gorilla Glass, but the banal wearing of the device in a jeans pocket can lead to the appearance of shallow scratches, hairs, which is also unpleasant. On my own I will add about periodic freezes. This phenomenon does not have a general rule and reasons leading to it, but practice shows that 2-3 times a week the device can freeze and not respond to touch for 10-20 seconds. What is the reason, I do not know.

Should you buy the Galaxy A51

Should you buy the Galaxy A51? Definitely yes, if you are looking for a smartphone under 20 thousand rubles with the best combination of price, features and appearance. After all, you will definitely not be able to find a more profitable device on the market than this one. The fact is that all over the world the Galaxy A51 is sold for 350-400 dollars, and only in Russia and a number of other countries it can be bought for 16-20 thousand rubles, which is half its retail price in developed countries. It's clear that in this way Samsung simply captures the market, but what difference can there be to us as consumers, right?

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