Samsung spoiled its smartphones with ads and continues to do so

Chinese smartphones sold at a reasonable price have greatly changed the mobile electronics market, and many manufacturers have simply failed to fit into it. LG, HTC, Nokia, Sony – no one managed to find the way to develop in the new paradigm. Only Samsung did it. The Koreans very quickly changed the design principles, abandoned several unpopular lines and presented instead one extensive, but extremely attractive, which is in unprecedented demand today. However, it seems that in this race Samsung has adopted not only the good qualities of Chinese manufacturers.

Samsung spoiled its smartphones with ads and continues to do so

There are too many ads in Samsung smartphones

Too many advertisements have started to appear on Samsung smartphones. This was noticed by users from different countries of the world. Somewhere advertising comes across more often, somewhere less often, but the fact remains that there is advertising, and it is annoying. Even MIUI, which at one time sinned with banners throughout the firmware, did not allow itself to embed them so many and so often.

Advertising in Samsung smartphones

Samsung spoiled its smartphones with ads and continues to do so

Samsung shoves ads everywhere – in applications, in the notification curtain, in system components

Advertising can be found in various segments of the One UI firmware, regardless of the smartphone model and its price. Ads slip into Samsung Pay, Settings or Weather apps, and even the OEM dialer. In Russia, the situation is a little calmer. In any case, if local users are to be believed, here advertising, although slipping through, but not as often as, for example, in the USA or Europe.

For the sake of fairness, it should be admitted that almost all advertising that occurs in One UI is strictly regulated and concerns only Samsung branded services or those of its partners. For example, in this way, the company promotes the use of Samsung Pay, Sirius XM, Spotify (where it officially operates) and many other services. That is, you will not see an advertisement for Ikea or Svyaznoy, but this fact is unlikely to reassure anyone.

Advertised notifications

Samsung spoiled its smartphones with ads and continues to do so

Advertising will be poured on you from everywhere. Somewhere more, somewhere less

To increase the conversion of ads, Samsung periodically sends them in the form of push notifications. As a rule, they relate to some promotions that are offered by the promoted services. For example, it can be free access to an online cinema or music service. Interestingly, Samsung allows itself to advertise even clearly competing products. It's hard to believe that Koreans are simply giving users a choice. Rather, they just cut money, that's all.

Samsung is testing ads on the lock screen right now. If the project proves to be successful, soon the owners of branded smartphones of the brand will see a banner of some company or service on the screens of their devices without the ability to disable it, because such things are usually sewn up at the system level. In any case, if you believe users who have encountered ads, installing a DNS blocker, which helps always and everywhere, simply does not work here.

Samsung Smartphone Updates

Samsung spoiled its smartphones with ads and continues to do so

Samsung could justify having ads on its smartphones, but it doesn't care

I have nothing against Samsung's desire to make money. After all, this is a commercial company, and it makes sense that it wants to increase its revenues. Another thing is that in this case the game turns out to be one-sided: Samsung makes money, and users suffer only inconvenience. But the Koreans could well appease the clientele, which, in general, contains them.

In my opinion, Samsung could extend the terms of software support for its smartphones or – which is also quite acceptable – start selling smartphones with advertising cheaper than without it. This is exactly what Amazon does, which offers its tablets $ 30-50 cheaper, provided the buyer agrees to see ads on the lock screen. Profit!

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