Samsung smartphones attacked by hackers

Samsung has been causing some bad news lately. For example, recently one of the users of Reddit conducted its own investigation, according to which Samsung smartphones transmit user data to the Chinese servers of the company 360. The fact is that its software for clearing smartphone memory is built into the system itself, and disable the cleaning function without using additional funds will not work. This time we will talk about another incident in which popular personalities in South Korea suffered.

Samsung smartphones attacked by hackers

Samsung smartphones attacked by hackers

The incident first became known on January 8 from our Korean colleagues: many famous people in South Korea who own Samsung smartphones were hacked by hackers.

How did it happen?

Hackers, having gained access to personal data of people, asked for money for them, otherwise they threatened to post the data on the Internet. They managed to get contacts, pictures, videos and text messages from many Korean stars.

Obviously, the hackers didn’t just pick their victims, they looked for the richest, and then ask from 43 to 860 thousand dollars in ransom. For all the time of their activity, they managed to hack a huge number of people. The source claims that the list is indeed long, but it was decided not to disclose the specific names of the people. They also claim that one of the most popular singers in South Korea suffered at the hands of hackers – he had to buy data from hackers.

The message reveals only one name of Zhu Zhenmo, who decided not to respond to the hackers' threats. The result of this was the appearance on the Internet of personal correspondence of the star with other popular personalities in South Korea.

Is this Samsung's fault?

It is impossible not to blame the company for this, because it was Samsung smartphones that caused the theft of the data of popular people. Obviously, the involvement of celebrities in all of this will lead to a major investigation. It is not yet clear how exactly the hackers managed to get the data of people, but it is possible that this may be the fault of the victims themselves. They probably followed a malicious link. But even so, it is not normal for the user's data to fall into the hands of other people due to normal user actions. It is possible that all the victims may demand money from Samsung, because right now the fact that they all owned the devices of this company was revealed.

Are hackers a threat to humanity?

Every day in the news, we see more and more mention of various hacks. Not so long ago, for example, a US government website was hacked, where hackers left a message to the President of America. In March 2019, there were reports of a hack on the smartphone of the richest man in the world, Jeff Bezos. Hacking is a complex process, many devote their whole lives to studying security and finding errors in the protection of various software, hackers are certainly smart people who are well versed in information security, so they should not be underestimated. However, sometimes they do not even realize that they are committing a crime, for many it is just fun.

Samsung Knox is not good enough?

It is unlikely that now businessmen will buy Samsung devices, because they did so because of the increased security that is provided by the Samsung Knox system. The official website says it is a 'mobile security platform designed for companies with advanced corporate mobility'. It also says that this system is approved by the governments of many countries and they provide business protection. Considering that for many celebrities, their popularity is a way of making money, they have the right to sue Samsung for poor quality security services. What do you think about this? Share your opinion in the comments below and subscribe to us on Telegram.

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