Samsung has announced the date of the new presentation. What smartphones to expect?

The presentation of a new smartphone always attracts interest. Some are waiting for the release of a model that they have been interested in for a long time, others, holding their breath, are waiting for some kind of revolutionary technology, and still others are watching everything new and are interested in the presentation simply by the fact of its holding. Be that as it may, Samsung decided this year to become the record holder for the number of large presentations. Of course, everything could be assembled on one, but this is not correct from an economic point of view, because people simply will not buy all smartphones at once. In addition, if you do everything at once, there will not be what is called a news feed. That is, you and I simply will not be given a reason to talk about Samsung so often. Well, come on, it's not that bad. If we are not shown adapters or new emoji sets, we will be happy to talk about this and about the presentation that will take place on September 23 too.

Samsung presentation

Each presentation of Samsung is interesting, but they are something frequent.

When will the Samsung presentation

Samsung is indeed set to host another virtual press event very soon, just weeks after the previous event that showed the Galaxy Z Fold 2. The presentation is not based on rumors or leaks – these are official information from the company. This event will take place on September 23 at 6:00 pm Moscow time (10:00 am ET)

While the company hasn't confirmed what it plans to reveal, one big hint can be found in the title of the event – Unpacked for Every Fan. Most likely, this could indicate that the company will show the Samsung Galaxy S20 Fan Edition. many spoke it, and now, it seems, the time has come.

Galaxy S20 Fan Edition specifications

Based on rumors and specs leaks, the S20 Fan Edition could go on sale in October. It is rumored to have a 6.5-inch Super AMOLED screen with 2400 x 1080 pixels and 120Hz refresh rate.

It can be both 4G models and models 5G, with the 4G version using Samsung's own Exynos 990 processor and the model 5G using the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 chip. it is rumored to have a main camera with three sensors (12MP, 8MP and 32MP). The front camera will receive a resolution of 32 megapixels.


This picture is familiar to many. Let's see what the smartphone will be like.

Also, according to rumors, the novelty will receive a battery with a capacity of 4,500 mAh. RAM should be 6 GB and internal memory 128 GB. Of course, the novelty will also receive several body colors so that everyone can choose what they like best. While the choice of color is relevant, but soon it may become a throwback and we will buy smartphones, the color of which can be changed through the settings menu.

Why Samsung has announced the presentation now

It is interesting not only that the company, in principle, is going to show a new smartphone, but whether there will be something else at the presentation. If there is nothing else at the event other than this smartphone, it can be assumed that the company is going to promote it as a flagship device. Even if this is true, it will be a little presumptuous to hold a separate event for one model. So, most likely, they will show us something else interesting, even if it will be some kind of tinsel, like cases and other accessories. Although, we may be shown some versions of other smartphones, but we will find out about this very soon.

Interestingly, the event was announced a couple of days before the big autumn presentation of Samsung's main competitor – the company Apple. They will show us something already this Tuesday. Perhaps it will even be new iPhone, or maybe something else, because according to rumors, the launch of a new line may be postponed due to a pandemic, which could affect many processes of preparing the release of a new product – from its development to production of components and even a whole phone

Why Samsung makes presentations so often

You can also fantasize about why Samsung has such frequent events. It turns out that this will be the third such event since the beginning of August. Isn't it too much in a month and a half? Above, I have already said that it will be much easier for the company to be in sight, but this has become possible only now.

Galaxy presentation

This is the poster for the upcoming event.

We understand that holding such events in a classic format is a real headache for company representatives. You need to find a venue, agree on everything in advance, arrange everything, invite people for whom you need to pay for travel and accommodation. All of this is very expensive, but when it comes to launching a new product, it makes sense. An online event imposes much fewer restrictions and has much fewer requirements. As a result, they can be carried out almost every day. Just have time to tell and edit videos.

On September 23, we will see what Samsung wants to surprise us with this time, but while it is not too late to subscribe to our news channel in Telegram, so as not to miss the release of a new model or something else that can be shown to us at the next “unpacking”.

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