Samsung could turn a phone into a computer again, but it's better this time

Samsung has already made attempts to turn a smartphone into a computer, but then it did not go to everyone, although technically it was quite simple, it was not expensive and really made it possible to get a semblance of a computer. At least for those who need to work with office applications and a browser, the gadget was one hundred percent suitable. It’s strange that others didn’t take up this initiative, given the power of modern smartphones, but Samsung has remained true to the idea and, apparently, is preparing to make the transformation of a smartphone into a computer even easier, understandable and affordable.

Samsung could turn a phone into a computer again, but it's better this time

Turn your smartphone into a computer. What could be better?

The other day Max Weinbach – a well-known member of the XDA team – noticed an interesting detail in the code of the Samsung Tip application. She hints that soon Samsung Dex will allow to abandon those crazy wires that spoiled everything. It was they who became the reason for many to abandon the use of a smartphone as a computer. It really was not always convenient, and most importantly, it made it difficult to take the gadget with you on the road, where it was most relevant.

The header Weinbach found says: 'DREAM_DEX_HEADER_USE_DEX_WIRELESSLY_M_TIPS'. He found it on Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip.

There are two interesting things to note here. The word “Dream” found in the code translates as “Dream”. Moreover, this is exactly the codename for the Samsung Galaxy S10 series. It turns out that this may indicate that devices included in the Galaxy S10 generation, including the Galaxy Fold, may receive support for the Dex wireless network.

Secondly, Weinbach also saw the possibility of supporting the Galaxy Z Flip in this mode. This phone does not currently support Dex, but a lot could change. If that happens, then the second Samsung clamshell smartphone may receive Remote Desktop support with a software update. Even if specific accessories are needed for work, the smartphone itself will simply start working with them and there will be no need to buy the second generation or even one and a half, which should be shown to us at the presentation on August 5.

Samsung could turn a phone into a computer again, but it's better this time

As such, this gadget could not gain much popularity.

Can a smartphone replace a computer

It's worth noting that Dex is not the first attempt by manufacturers to turn a phone into a computer. It's too tempting. At one time, they tried to implement something similar within the framework of the projects Microsoft Continuum and PC Mode from Huawei. True, at the moment, both projects are more likely dead than alive. Apparently, just no one was able to offer something really convenient, limiting themselves to raw semi-concepts.

The Korean company is still fighting for this idea and the moderator of the Samsung forum already hinted at the appearance of a wireless Dex a couple of years ago, but so far it has not gone further than hints. And now Weinbach “made his discovery.”

How Samsung Dex works

Samsung Dex has evolved significantly since its introduction in 2017, when the Samsung Galaxy S8 was the current smartphone. To access the Samsung desktop environment, users needed the bulky Dex docking station that I talked about in my time. Then I liked it in general, but in advance. I was waiting for some kind of development of the idea, which did not exist yet. I liked the idea itself and the initial stage of its implementation more.

Samsung could turn a phone into a computer again, but it's better this time

Well, that's cool? If only it still worked fine.

At present, for Samsung Dex to work, you need to connect the station to the power supply, connect it to a monitor, connect a keyboard and mouse to it … All this takes time and requires a lot of wires. It would be much more convenient to simply connect a small device to the HDMI input of a monitor or TV and work wirelessly, connecting wirelessly directly or through a home / office network.

It is the Wireless Dex, if we get it, that will be able to completely eliminate the need to use cables and make the process very convenient.

The Tips app also assumes the use of Dex wireless mode on TVs. It's possible these TVs will need to support screen mirroring technology or Samsung Smart TVs in order for this to work.

It will not be superfluous to recall the rumors about another innovation by Samsung, associated with the upcoming Galaxy Note 20. It is assumed that the associated S Pen stylus can function as a pointing device. This can also come in handy in office work with Samsung Dex.

Samsung could turn a phone into a computer again, but it's better this time

If all this can be controlled by the stroke of the stylus, as a conductor, it will be generally gorgeous.

It is not yet clear when and how Samsung will release the wireless version of Dex, but it is possible that it will happen at the next Unpacked event on August 5th. We have already said that we are waiting for a lot of gadgets, including several Note20 phones, several new clamshells, including the second generation Galaxy Fold, its budget version and the updated Galaxy Z Flip. We are also waiting for new tablets, watches and headphones.

But all this is unlikely to be crammed into one presentation, but the wireless Dex is perfect as an add-on for the Galaxy Note 20 and other new smartphones. Let's see what happens, but I would love to try such a wireless accessory.

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