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In the modern world, we still need to look for such a manufacturer who does something more or less complicated, but at the same time does not buy anything from other manufacturers. Even manufacturers of scoops and brooms buy plastic and rods, respectively. In the high-tech world, things are even more complicated. An example is Qualcomm , which makes chips for nearly every flagship smartphone in the world. But the problem is that she is only developing them. Other manufacturers are working on the creation and production. Processors are getting harder every year, but who will be producing top-end processors next year and who will they be for?


A new processor is always good!

New Snapdragon processor

Qualcomm usually unveils its next-gen flagship chip in December and is the best in the industry in most parameters. Most likely, this year will not be an exception, because we have already seen the leaked production schedule. But even without that schedule, we can safely say that it will be called Snapdragon 875 .

Basically, the production of chips for the Qualcomm project was carried out by the Taiwanese company TSMC at its factories. By the way, the same factories produced processors for Huawei and Honor, which are no longer produced. Things have to change sometime and as reported by Business Korea and Hankyung, the Snapdragon 875 will now be manufactured by Samsung Electronics.

It is also reported that the new processor will be manufactured using a 5nm process technology. This will lead to some improvement in the quality of the processor and reduce its size relative to the current generation Snapdragon 865.

5nm Feathers

Companies such as Apple, Huawei, MediaTek and Samsung are also expected to move to 5nm as the time has come. It was even reported that Huawei already has 5-nm chips and will release them in September as part of the new Huawei Mate 40. Moreover, at yesterday's presentation Apple I already said on the production of a 5nm processor. As a result, the time has really come and it's time to produce something like that. Therefore, Qualcomm has no options.

Snapdragon 875

The release of the new Snapdragon processor will leave many manufacturers thinking.

Business Korea reports that it has a $ 1 billion manufacturing contract for the generation of Qualcomm's processors. Also, according to information coming from the publication, the production of such a processor has already begun. As you would expect, it will run the Samsung Galaxy S21 (or S30), as well as other flagships from Xiaomi and OPPO. This is usually the norm for newer Qualcomm Snapdragon processors.

If you think this is unheard-of behavior of two companies, then it is not. Let me remind you that earlier the Korean company was already engaged in the production of processors for Qualcomm. It was in 2016, when the Americans introduced the Snapdragon 820. It was then that Samsung was engaged in bringing the project to life.

Snapdragon 875 production

Despite the fact that this has already happened, if the rumors are confirmed, it will be a big win for Samsung. Firstly, this is a lot of money, and secondly, it is the honing of technologies and equipment, which will be useful for creating your own processors. Let me remind you that earlier it was reported that Samsung does not plan to release 5nm chips, but go straight to 3nm in a couple of years. With the state of affairs that we see, such a development of events is quite possible.

While it is impossible to confirm or deny the leak with certainty, and we must wait for more news about the Snapdragon 875. Even a small additional number of rumors or leaks will be enough to clarify the picture at least a little.

Even the companies themselves will sooner or later receive confirmation or denial of such rumors. So far, we can only say a few words about the chipset itself Qualcomm Snapdragon 875.

Cortex-A1 processor architecture

According to the information that appeared earlier, which was even confirmed, the new processor will receive a new architecture. In addition to the cores with the Cortex-A78 architecture, it will use the Cortex-A1 cores. This should allow companies that want to install the novelty in their smartphones to better optimize the processor for their needs. Incidentally, this is what could save Huawei if Qualcomm does agree with the US government to be allowed to supply chips to the Chinese company.


Few would argue that Snapdragon processors are the best. The processors Apple may work a little faster sometimes, but the versatility of Qualcomm's solutions is always better.

In addition to the new architecture, the new processor will receive an updated Snapdragon X60 modem 5G. This will improve the performance of smartphones in fifth generation networks. After all, this year can be safely called a year 5G. Especially against the background of how rapidly the coverage and the release of new smartphones with the support of this technology. And mass hysteria about the towers 5G. The latter also suggests that the networks are already nearby and must be accepted.

It is not yet clear which Samsung models will be equipped with the new Snapdragon processor, and which with their own Exynos processors, but most likely nothing will change globally and the distribution of processors by market will remain the same. The only hope is that Exynos will slightly catch up with the Snapdragon of the current generation at that time.

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