OnePlus said when it will show the new smartphone

Our readers' love for OnePlus smartphones is very warm and tender. There is a very logical explanation for this. The company was able to put itself in this way through its relationship to customers. Although, for me personally, this behavior sometimes raises questions. The company also produces excellent smartphones that are inexpensive and still retain the spirit of rebelliousness that was in the first generations of smartphones of this brand. All this together and makes us look forward to the release of the new OnePlus. We've talked a lot about the OnePlus 8 lately, but now we can give the date of its presentation and almost exact specifications. If you are waiting for this smartphone, you may already be breaking the piggy bank. It won't be long to wait.

OnePlus said when it will show the new smartphone

I'd like to see a new smartphone from this manufacturer rather.

When will the OnePlus 8 Pro presentation

OnePlus doesn't make many lines of smartphones. Therefore, we are waiting for his presentation every time. We are also waiting to be shown a new iPhone or Google Pixel. All because of the increased interest. Companies are willing to take advantage of this and within a few months begin to actively stir up interest with small leaks. If you still believe that they are all random, I hasten to disappoint you. I talked a lot with company representatives and only once again became convinced that most of these leaks are controlled. Photos and samples go to the side with the consent of the manufacturer.

Over the past few weeks, we have known a lot about OnePlus 8 pricing, as well as preparations for the launch of a cheap successor to the OnePlus X. Someone said it would be called the OnePlus Z, but most likely the OnePlus 9 Lite. In any case, we will find out about all this on April 14th. At 11:00 am ET, to be precise. In Moscow at this moment it will be 19:00. It was at this time that the presentation of new products was scheduled.

This year, the novelty will debut earlier than the seventh generation of OnePlus last year. Then the presentation took place in mid-May. Perhaps this year the company wants to show the smartphone earlier due to the coronavirus pandemic in order to bring more attention to it. Or maybe the reason is the upcoming Honor 30 Pro and Google Pixel 4a, which the company may consider as direct competitors.

When will the new OnePlus start selling

Although we have the exact date of the OnePlus 8 presentation, it is too early to talk about when it will go on sale. Despite the fact that China has already begun to recover from the COVID-19 epidemic, many companies' factories inside the country are still closed. Even if some of them are opened, it will still be difficult to start production due to the fact that smaller factories that will still be closed will not be able to supply components.

OnePlus said when it will show the new smartphone

According to the leaks, these are official OnePlus renders.

In addition, restrictions will be imposed on logistics. Delivery within China will work more or less normally, but smartphones are unlikely to start shipping to other countries very soon. Gray dealers will also be powerless, since air traffic, most likely, will not improve tomorrow either.

I would say that it is not worth waiting for OnePlus 8 in Russia and Europe before the end of May. With luck, smartphones will start arriving earlier, but this is unlikely. The question is also what will be the demand for them.

Against this background, the position of the company becomes unenviable. Considering that she only makes money by selling essentially one model of a smartphone, such a drawdown will hurt her. Users are waiting for the new product and stopped buying OnePlus 7. The company planned to receive income around this time, but it has been postponed for now. You can make some money in China, but for OnePlus, the North American and European markets are much larger.

Last year, OnePlus released a simple version for some countries, and Pro for others. Perhaps this time they will be able to somehow level production problems using this scheme. In any case, we will find out about this on April 14th.

OnePlus 8 specifications

At the moment, the most likely characteristics are those that we talked about earlier. The Pro version will be powered by Snapdragon 865, 12 GB of RAM and at least 256 GB of internal storage. The device will receive Android 10 out of the box with the possibility of further updating. The maximum version will cost almost $ 900.

OnePlus said when it will show the new smartphone

Perhaps OnePlus 8 will come in this color.

The OnePlus 8 version will not receive 12 GB of RAM (maximum 8) and IP68 water protection. It will also have a smaller screen diagonal. Otherwise, the characteristics will be similar, and the price will be approximately $ 500-600, depending on the version.

The Lite version of the OnePlus 8 will be quite simple. Although some analysts still doubt its release. It seems to me that it will be, and its price will be about $ 400. Otherwise, there is no point in releasing it.

Which smartphone would I like to buy

I have spoken out a few times about OnePlus and how I feel about it. In short, I don't like the fact that the company has begun to produce full-fledged flagships, but at the same time it is actively promoting the image that it wants to give the user top-end hardware for a penny.

In the beginning, this was relevant, because smartphones were really produced almost at a loss. Now OnePlus has a foothold in the market and makes very good smartphones for a lot of money. We must somehow stop remembering the past.

If this year there is still a Google Pixel with a simpler hardware, which I already talked about, I will think three times about which to take. Pixel 5 for $ 800 or OnePlus in the mid-range for about the same money. I'm not sure if the choice will be in favor of the Chinese company. But I will repeat myself. Her smartphones are really cool. 

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