OnePlus is ready to 'rock the boat again'. OnePlus Z is here

Oh, this OnePlus! Constantly inventing and preparing something in order to rock the market. I put a bit of irony into this phrase, but I can't help but note that I respect the company for the fact that it produces cool phones that I even like, although I am not very good at its philosophy. Now the head of the company made it clear that the new smartphone will not just come out sometime, but that it is time for us to get ready for OnePlus to “rock the boat again.” It sounds, of course, very strong, especially considering that we are only waiting for a state employee. However, it is possible that this particular state employee will shove the iPhone SE and the not yet released Google Pixel 4a to hell. So what's up with the OnePlus Z?

OnePlus is ready to 'rock the boat again'.  OnePlus Z is here

OnePlus has very often given a reason to talk about itself lately. Have learned.

New OnePlus Z coming soon

OnePlus CEO Pete Lau posted on social media a post in which he said the company is preparing “something new”. This idea was supported by the co-founder of the company Karl Pei, noting that the company “will rock the boat again.” What could this mean?

We all remember that the company already showed a new flagship a couple of months ago, when it released OnePlus 8, which, except with the “expensive” prefix, I cannot remember. All this time, we thought about where in this scheme the cheap model, to which the company has accustomed us, and why now iPhone is half the price of OnePlus, although just a few years ago the picture was diametrically opposite.

Can a cheap OnePlus make a difference

It seems that the state employee, about whom we have been talking for so long during these two months, will still come out, and it is he who will “rock the boat.” There is no need to talk about other products, because the company's TVs are sold only in India, and they didn’t come so well at first to rock something. Other products, even if they appear (tablet, laptop, etc.), are also unlikely to be able to do what the budget OnePlus Z or, as it is sometimes called, OnePlus Nord, can.

OnePlus is ready to 'rock the boat again'.  OnePlus Z is here

The same entry in Twitter.

The fact that such an entry appeared in Twitter of the head of the company suggests that these are no longer just words or plans. Apparently, the count goes almost for days, so if you wanted to update your smartphone, but OnePlus 8 is too expensive for you, and you want to buy exactly something from this manufacturer, do not rush to study competitors' offers.

The entry that has appeared so far gives more questions than answers. For example, why does it use the blue logo instead of the white that traditionally adorns the company's products? This is especially strange given the great attention the company pays to its logo, and how it decided to change it to pay tribute to its users.

What does the release of a cheap OnePlus mean

Perhaps the blue color could hint that the company just wants to release the new colors of the OnePlus 8, but that doesn't make the boat rocking at all. It is much more believed that this says about the release of One Plus Nord. 

Throwing in food for thought and the hashtag, with which OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei accompanied his post – “#NewBeginnings”. Translated, this means a new beginning. This phrase can be interpreted in different ways, for example, that the company really wants to release some new product that will be breakthrough. But firstly, this in itself is unlikely, and secondly, it looks much more like a reference to a few years ago.

OnePlus is ready to 'rock the boat again'.  OnePlus Z is here

'Rock the Boat' and 'A New Beginning'.

I mean the days when the company, in addition to the main line of smartphones, released the OnePlus X model, which was inexpensive even against the background of the low prices of that time and was loved by many. It seems to me that this is exactly what “new beginning” means – it is exactly new. The company seems to be starting again with inexpensive phones and re-releasing its old smartphone in a new way. Although, it would be more correct to say not a smartphone, but the idea of ​​a smartphone.

There have been a lot of rumors lately about what the new OnePlus will be like if it does come out. Most of the information was about the name, and it all boiled down to the fact that the new product would be called OnePlus Z. Although, recently, many remembered again that in April, in addition to the two main models, OnePlus 8 Lite was also waiting. Perhaps the company has postponed it, but, as I said above, the phrase “new beginning” casts doubt on this naming.

OnePlus Z specifications

Among the main characteristics that should be expected from a new smartphone, if we are hinted at its release, it is worth mentioning OLED – a screen with a refresh rate of 90 Hz. The novelty will most likely work on the processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 765, but nothing is known about the support 5G. It is impossible to say for sure about the capacity of the battery, but there is no doubt about the fast 30-watt charging, as well as the presence of four cameras on the body.

It remains for us to wait quite a bit, and the secret will become apparent. One small entry in Twitter of the head of the company makes us think, dream up and wait even more for the new OnePlus Z. I will not say that it is interesting to me in itself more than other devices that came out and will still come out this year. But it is interesting in terms of the evolution of OnePlus. Let's see what she has prepared for us.

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