5 smartphones for a zombie apocalypse

We all use smartphones. Time is such and there is no getting away from it. Nevertheless, there are a small number of people who actively travel and not only find themselves in extreme situations, but literally live in them, and they also need a connection. You can use push-button telephones, which are really well protected and look like a caterpillar from a tractor, but you can indulge in functionality and buy a full-fledged smartphone. And not the one that you just do not mind breaking, but the one that, even if you wish, cannot be broken right away. Here are some examples of such smartphones that you can buy nowadays.

5 smartphones for a zombie apocalypse

Good smartphone protection is essential in any situation.

BlackView BV9500 Pro Smartphone

Let's start with a relatively inexpensive device, which at a price of around 25,000 rubles will be a real tank among smartphones. It was named BlackView BV9500 Pro. There is also a Plus version, but this is a little different.

5 smartphones for a zombie apocalypse

The main specs of BlackView BV9500 Pro.

Many, if not all, of you have heard of the water and fine particulate matter resistance rating. Manufacturers usually take great pride when their device is ip68 compliant. This means that it can be submerged to a depth of one and a half meters for up to half an hour. For the average person, this is more than enough, but in some situations it may not be enough.

The BlackView BV9500 Pro is IP69 water and dust resistant, which not only provides complete protection against dust, but also protects against the effects of hot water under pressure. In addition, the shock protection meets the US Army MIL-STD-810 standard. All this makes the smartphone a real monster in defense.

5 smartphones for a zombie apocalypse

The smartphone has NFC.

Since the trip requires a large supply of energy, the smartphone was equipped with a 10,000 mAh battery. Of the “civilian” chips, we can note wireless NFC charging, USB Type-C, dual main camera (16 MP + 2 MP), 5.7 FHD + screen and 6/128 GB memory expandable.

It looks cool! If you want to travel and not spare your smartphone, this might be a good option, but there are better ones. Let's continue!

More details on the manufacturer's website


CATERPILLAR has long ceased to be an exclusively construction company. The arsenal of this brand includes clothing, footwear, equipment and much more for tourism, work and extreme sports. Among the products with its logo, there is also a smartphone called CATERPILLAR CAT S61.

5 smartphones for a zombie apocalypse

CATERPILLAR CAT S61 looks very stylish.

The device costs about 50,000 rubles in Russian stores (on the official website $ 999) and is even equipped with a thermal imager, a sensor for trapping organic compounds and a laser for measurements. In addition to extreme lovers and tourists, it is well suited for workers in hazardous industries and builders. And if you imagine under the builder not a painter wearing a newspaper hat, but someone from the thematic issues on the Discovery Channel, who is building a bridge 100,500 meters long and as high as the Burj Khalifa, such a device fits into his image even better.

However, it should be noted that the characteristics of the device are not that flagship. It has only 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of ROM, however expandable. The Snapdragon 630 is responsible for performance, and the main camera is only 16 megapixels. The front camera is even less – 8 megapixels. The battery is large and, given the scenarios of using this smartphone, it will last for a long time, but 4,500 mAh is less than 10,000 in the previous example.

5 smartphones for a zombie apocalypse

CATERPILLAR CAT S61 will come in handy anywhere.

Of course, most of the cost is due to the brand, but the smartphone turned out to be quite good. Given some functions, it will be simply irreplaceable for a certain group of people, especially given the high level of protection, including the MIL-SPEC 810G protection standard.

More details on the manufacturer's website

Smartphone AGM X3

The next smartphone will be secure, but not the same as the previous versions. This will be more of a compromise, but with flagship characteristics. His name AGM X3.

5 smartphones for a zombie apocalypse

Smartphone ads look stylish.

The smartphone is equipped with built-in sensors for temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure. In addition, it runs on the still very current Snapdragon 845, has 6 or 8 GB of RAM and 64 or 128 GB of internal storage. The resolution of the 5.99-inch screen is 2160 by 1080 pixels, the front camera has a resolution of 20 MP, and the dual main camera is 24 + 12 MP. If that's not enough, there is also built-in sound from JBL and QC 4.0 fast charging. The 4100 mAh battery can be fully charged in 2 hours 10 minutes. You can charge the device via USB Type-C or at a wireless site.

Despite the small size and minimum thickness, which is separately noted on the manufacturer's website, the device has protection according to all standards, including ip68 and MIL-SPEC 810G. The screen is covered with Gorilla Glass 5 with a diamond nano-coating.

5 smartphones for a zombie apocalypse

The smartphone itself is also beautiful, but at the same time protected.

With all this, if you want to throw the previous devices on the asphalt just to see what will happen to them, you don't want to do this with it. In my opinion, this is a more compromise option for those who occasionally go hiking and want to take their flagship smartphone with them.

More details on the manufacturer's website

Kyocera DuraForce Pro 2 Smartphone

The next smartphone can hardly be called truly extreme either. It rather refers, like the CATERPILLAR CAT S61, to people who just occasionally find themselves in difficult conditions at work.

Its characteristics cannot be called flagship, but at the same time it will perfectly cope with a huge number of tasks. It is distinguished by the presence of USB Type-C, wireless charging, a five-inch FullHD screen (443 ppi) with a classic aspect ratio. The camera has a resolution of 13 + 5 megapixels and the ability to record in 4K and a viewing angle of up to 135 degrees, but the battery “pumped up”. Whether for the sake of size, or something else, it was limited to a capacity of 3240 mAh.

5 smartphones for a zombie apocalypse

Such a smartphone can be taken anywhere.

Responsible for the processing power is the Snapdragon 630 processor with 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal storage (expandable up to 512 GB).

The body of the smartphone is made of rubber and polycarbonate in accordance with IP68 and MIL-STD-810G. The smartphone is made so that you can operate it with wet hands and even with gloves.

5 smartphones for a zombie apocalypse

An action camera with a 153 degree angle shoots very dynamic videos.

As for me, this smartphone looks somehow unfinished. As if its creators were given the task to make a good smartphone, but they managed to finish only the body and the screen. Then they ran out of money and saved a lot on the battery, processor and memory. But the price is about 27,000 rubles.

More details on the manufacturer's website

Smartphone Ulefone Armor 6E

The next smartphone looks more like a regular one, but in a protective case like UAG. Nevertheless, this is a full-fledged smartphone and at the same time very good.

5 smartphones for a zombie apocalypse

The smartphone is very similar to a regular one, just in a powerful case.

Protection against the vicissitudes of fate is implemented at the highest level – ip69K / MIL-STD-810G. Helio P70 is responsible for the performance, however, there is only 4 GB of RAM, and 64 GB of permanent memory. The display has a diagonal of 6.2 inches, although this is not very good for an extreme phone, but the resolution will be 2246 by 1080 pixels. In addition, they did not forget about face unlocking, NFC, wireless charging and a 16 + 2 MP camera. Out of the box everything runs under control Android 9.

5 smartphones for a zombie apocalypse

Does not sink in water … No, not what you thought.

Such an indicator as autonomy, again suggests that this smartphone is difficult to advise Fedor Konyukhov for his “voyages”. There is only 5000 mAh, which is great for daily use, but it's better to take a Power Bank with you on the road. It is even possible with wireless charging, as it is supported here.

More details on the manufacturer's website

Is it worth buying a rugged phone

Answering this question, I would like to ask: “Why?”. That is, if your hands do not grow from the most correct place and your smartphone is constantly falling, it makes sense. If you are engaged in tourism and you leave fishing only to go hunting, the answer will also be yes.

The same applies to builders, workers in complex industries and other people who may damage their smartphone during use. Hello cap!

In other cases, I would suggest buying a smartphone, the characteristics of which will be significantly better for the money. If you have to go snowboarding and it will be a pity to damage an expensive gadget, it is easier to buy an expensive and high-quality protective cover for it. Well, or as a last resort, buy a cheap used pipe, which you will not mind breaking or breaking. That's all the logic. A protected thing is needed by someone who really needs it. Although, in the event of the apocalypse, everyone will need it. We will fight off zombies.

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