Next week Huawei will present a new smartphone, but do not rush to rejoice

Whatever one may say, but buyers all over the world continue to love Huawei. On the one hand, there is no logic in this, but on the other hand, the company has really great devices, which are now being promoted with discounts or a lot of gifts. All this leads to the fact that sales in some markets do not fall very much, while in others they even grow. In addition to the planned models, which everyone knows about, another one is now being prepared, which should be announced next week and will be interesting in its own way. It's just too early to rejoice, because not everything is as it might seem at first glance.

Next week Huawei will present a new smartphone, but do not rush to rejoice

Here's a new one Huawei.

Waiting Huawei Mate 30 Pro

When I came across the news that the Chinese company is ready to roll out a new smartphone this Monday, I sent it to two of my friends. They are very fond of smartphones of this brand and they were both very happy when they answered something like “Cool, finally”. Later it turned out that they misunderstood the news. In the wake of rumors that Huawei Mate 30 will be released a little earlier than planned, they decided that it was about him. In the end, they were deceived in their best feelings. But no one promised that it would be about Mate 30. The novelty will be Huawei Maimang, which has another name.

Phones Huawei from 5G

Huawei and Honor have already released several smartphones with 5G support this year. In general, the company is the main mover in the market for such smartphones in China, so it knows what it is doing.

Next week Huawei will present a new smartphone, but do not rush to rejoice

Many newer smartphones Huawei can work with 5G.

As of early summer, the two companies have jointly released 15 phones with support for fifth generation networks, including flagship lines. However, after that the number of models increased due to Enjoy 20 Pro, Honor 30 Youth and Honor X10 Max. Not all devices have entered the international market, but this is not important, because in fact they are and whoever needs them will be able to buy them.

When is Huawei Enjoy 20 released

Now the Chinese telecommunications giant has officially announced the launch of Huawei Maimang 9. It will happen on July 27 this year, but the smartphone will have a different name. And yet, we have heard about this smartphone more than once and can imagine what characteristics it will have. We can even name the price of the new item.

The model number of the new smartphone will be TNN-AN00. Information about this appeared on Weibo. It was originally thought to be the Enjoy 20 Plus. The phone then appeared on TENAA revealing that it is a Maimang series device. This became clear thanks to the unique logo.

The information then leaked onto the website of China Telecom, which is a former but official distribution partner for the series. Then it was confirmed that the starting price of the smartphone is 2,199 yuan (313 dollars or 22,500 rubles).

Now it's time to stop collecting rumors and listen to what the company has to say about this. She posted a teaser image of the device on Weibo this morning with the date on which the presentation will take place. She became July 27, 2020.

Next week Huawei will present a new smartphone, but do not rush to rejoice

The same teaser.

If you believe the image (and who to believe, if not him?), The novelty will receive a 64-megapixel triple camera. Most likely, the company will continue to release images like this, teasing their fans. So in the next couple of days, you can expect something interesting from Huawei.

Specifications Huawei Maimang 9 (Huawei Enjoy 20)

I would like to believe that the company will confirm at least some of the rumors that appeared earlier. It was reported that the smartphone will receive a screen without cutouts with a sliding front camera. The fingerprint scanner should fit on the side. If not under glass, then this option is the most preferable.

From other information regarding the internal components, it was previously reported that the novelty will receive the proprietary Kirin 820 chipset, and the RAM will be as much as 8 GB. The built-in memory will also be a lot – 128 GB. The smartphone should get a 4,300mAh battery with 22.5W fast charging capability.

Next week Huawei will present a new smartphone, but do not rush to rejoice

7nm Kirin 820.

The triple camera was reported earlier, however, then the information was that it will have a resolution of only 48 megapixels. Therefore, some other preliminary characteristics can be questioned. One thing is clear for sure. Out of the box, the new product will run Android 10 with the proprietary EMUI shell, and some time after the release Android 11 will receive the corresponding update. Moreover, work on EMUI 11 is already in full swing. However, you shouldn't count on Google services. Smartphones Huawei and Honor won't have them for a long time.

It only remains to add that the smartphone will only appear in China under the name Huawei Maimang 9. In the rest of the world, it should also appear, but under the name Huawei Enjoy 20. When this will happen it is not clear how and it is not clear whether Russia will be included in this list. But even without this, it is interesting what this device can achieve, especially since at its price it seems quite good.

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