Looks like Samsung knows how to make its Exynos processors less flawed

When Samsung's new flagship smartphone comes out, the public is split in two. Some are categorized as “what happens in general”, while the latter are actively resenting the fact that Snapdragon processors again did not pass by their region. Indeed, Samsung's proprietary design is good, but inferior to the American solution. That is why many fans of the brand find ways to bring the phone from the USA. It seems that Samsung has found a way to optimize the processor so that users do not worry so much about being “cheated”.

Looks like Samsung knows how to make its Exynos processors less flawed

Many people stand up for this processor, but at least optimization will definitely not hurt it.

Samsung's own processor

Almost after every review of a new phone, in the comments to the article, to the video on our YouTube channel or just in our Telegram chat, there are those who tell how they ordered a smartphone from the USA through the delivery service or friends. A couple of times I even met people who bought a smartphone in Russia, and then sold it and ordered the same one from the USA. As a result, we were satisfied with the replacement and enjoyed using it.

According to recent rumors, Samsung has found a way to optimize its processor in the international version of the Galaxy Note 20 series. So the company can improve its processor performance and make the performance of different devices more similar.

The source says Samsung has improved its own Exynos 990, which can be found in global phone configurations, not by increasing the clock speed, but only by optimizing. For this, the company has placed great emphasis on combating overheating. This is kind of a little life hack. This optimized processor will run cooler and therefore will not degrade performance as a protective measure.

The value of an optimized Samsung Galaxy Note 20 or Note 20 Ultra to users cannot be overstated. If the company realized its problems and so indirectly admitted them, this is very good, because earlier its management stated that everything is fine and they have no performance problems. It even sounded that the current generation of Exynos is in no way inferior to analogues on chips from Qualcomm. But users in the crown do not agree with this.

Looks like Samsung knows how to make its Exynos processors less flawed

For a new smartphone, you only want the coolest processor.

Snapdragon or Exynos

I agree that for an ordinary person who uses only a camera, a browser and instant messengers, there will not be much difference, but there are also demanding fans of the brand. For them, “every gram” of productivity is really important.

Overall, Samsung's Exynos chips haven't been as impressive as they could have lately. This does not apply to any one model, but to everything that the Korean company produces. Many tests show that Exynos processors are generally very good, and in some modes even very good, but in general they are still inferior to Snapdragon.

Samsung is pushing for self-built chips for Europe and other international regions, regardless of performance shortages. That is why many have been waiting for information that the situation will repeat itself with the upcoming Galaxy Note series novelties. So far, according to rumors, everything will be as before, and this disappointed many. Against the background of such a decision, the desire to optimize processors looks like a real gift. Moreover, Korean chips really tend to get hotter.

Some of the older models also had performance issues. But sometimes other difficulties also arose. An example would be camera difficulties on the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. She simply did not catch the focus, and this is on a smartphone for one and a half thousand dollars! Maybe the problem was not related to the processor, but the owners of the Exynos version were not complaining about it. As they say, “the residue remained.”

Looks like Samsung knows how to make its Exynos processors less flawed

Nobody says this processor is terrible, but Snapdragon is still better.

What processor will be in the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

In fact, many fans of the brand were expecting that the new smartphone will have a new generation processor – Exynos 992. There is no information about this yet and, most likely, they will have to be content with the usual Exynos 990. Everything would be fine, but it loses even to Snapdragon 865. Well, talk about Snapdragon 865 Plus, which, according to rumors, should receive one of the versions of the new smartphone.

Maybe the optimization will be very good and it will even pull you to really name the chip Exynos 992, but it's hard to believe in it. Miracles do not happen, and almost certainly everything will remain the same.

As a result, we again see that the world is ready to be divided into two parts and next week we will get people who will say that they were again cheated and put a cheap chip in their expensive smartphone.

I've always said that for a simple user, the difference in performance will be negligible, but it is. From this point of view, it is ugly for Samsung to set the same price for all markets. Although, in Europe, it is often even higher if converted to dollars. This behavior of the company is really unpleasant. Throw off the price of $ 50, or better still give a choice, and everything will be fine – the audience will be happy.

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