Huawei 'invented' a new type of camera, but it looks very dumb

Oh, this one Huawei and her attempts to come up with something new! When she improved something, it worked out great, but as soon as she began to invent something of her own and it turned out like all Chinese. Yes, many inventions from the Celestial Empire eventually become hits of sales and conquer the world, but the Chinese are too peculiar about technology and much more. For the rest of the world, it doesn't work. Here again Huawei patented a smartphone camera, which in a similar form was already in Samsung, but did not take off. Perhaps Huawei thinks she will succeed, but most likely this was done only in order to once again top the DxOMark rating, if it matters to someone else besides Huawei.

Huawei 'invented' a new type of camera, but it looks very dumb

What will the new camera be like?

New camera for phone

The main feature that will allow you to stay at the top of the rating and make your smartphone stand out from others, this time, is a camera with a traditional zoom. Looking ahead, I will say that, in my opinion, the solution is too non-standard to speak of its wide application. I mean, because of the creepiness of the design, it is unlikely that such a solution will find a place, say, in Huawei P50 or one of the Mate smartphones. Most likely, it will be a separate direction with the “Camera” or “Zoom” prefix.

Information about such a camera appeared not so long ago and is based on a patent registration with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO). While it is difficult to say something about this design on the basis of a single patent, its implementation is another story. So far, the company has simply “staked out” the idea so that no one can use it.

Huawei will release EMUI 11 on Android 11 in just a few months.

It is difficult to say whether someone would want to use such a solution, because Samsung has already tried this in its Galaxy S4 Zoom model, but somehow it did not work. Initially, the device was generally designed as a camera with a large touchscreen display, but over time something has changed and it has become strange, but a smartphone. But it had a tenfold optical zoom.

Huawei 'invented' a new type of camera, but it looks very dumb

Such a Miracle Judo was made by Samsung several years ago.

What will the new camera look like Huawei

The patent images show the two sides of the device, both front and back. The almost bezel-less front side is not patent-pending and looks relatively boring. The backdrop is something completely different.

In the first image, the patented design Huawei shows a fairly standard device. It has rounded corners and a non-standard camera, the most important is that it is one and, apparently, replaces the whole array of lenses that manufacturers have taught us to in the last couple of years.

Huawei 'invented' a new type of camera, but it looks very dumb

This is how the new camera Huawei may look before it 'comes out'….

The second image shows the camera already in an active state. The lens is extended like a conventional soap dish when you turn it on. Considering that Huawei already offers devices with 50x and even 100x zoom, the patent makes sense. In those models where there is already a large magnification, the fraction of the optical zoom is still very small and the whole structure is called hybrid zoom, carefully avoiding the word “digital”, which in the minds of people is closely associated with the loss of quality. If the new camera comes out, the proportion of the optical zoom will become higher and in many situations it will be possible to use only it, while the digital … Sorry, hybrid, it can reach 150 or even two hundred times increase. Although it is almost impossible to shoot at 100x, since even the seemingly fixed hands still go to the side and you have to strain very hard.

Huawei 'invented' a new type of camera, but it looks very dumb

… and so after. Creepy, huh?

How Huawei escapes the crisis

Many people know that with all the difficulties and peculiarities Huawei, her devices are really cool to shoot. Even the sanctions of the US government could not take this away from them, which at first prohibited the company from working with Google, and then completely created problems with the purchase of processors.

Probably, this is exactly what the company needs, which must somehow stay on the market. We need to collect all the best that she has and actively push in this direction.

One of the best aspects of these devices is their cameras, which consistently perform better than the competition in almost every direction.

Smartphones with optical zoom

Of course, such a solution looks much nicer than what Samsung had, but it is still doubtful that many will appreciate such a solution for everyday use. Many questions remain regarding how the camera launch will work. Many are already accustomed to the fact that the smartphone camera starts instantly and can be used immediately. At one time, manufacturers even boasted about how many fractions of a second it took to launch a camera. This is exactly what users need – the ability to quickly take a picture.

Huawei 'invented' a new type of camera, but it looks very dumb

This is a Hasselblad model that could be attached to a telephone Motorola.

Let me remind you that the company tried to implement such solutions through accessories. For example, one of the solutions Motorola offered a modular smartphone design and allowed the connection of additional accessories. So you could take a cool camera with you on a trip or to an event, and in ordinary life, use a good, but not the best built-in camera, but not carry a large device with you.

Let's see if Huawei implements its patent, but as one of the variety options it might come in handy. So we are waiting for the application of the new technology and hope that it will turn out to be more aesthetically pleasing than earlier attempts.

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