List of good Android phones

Every day, more and more good devices appear on the smartphone market. You are probably curious to know which devices in 2020 can be called good and interesting to buy. You are probably getting to know the smartphone market for the first time, or you are about to switch from iPhone to Android – a smartphone. In these cases, this material is for you.

List of good Android phones

Good Android Phones

We will consider a number of devices that can be officially purchased in Russia. The list will include cheap, mid-budget and expensive smartphones so that everyone can choose the best device for their budget.

Nokia 6.2

List of good Android phones

Nokia 6.2 is the best budget employee

We wouldn't consider smartphones cheaper than this one. Nokia 6.2 is priced at 13 thousand rubles, and this is exactly the amount that may become the minimum necessary to buy a good enough phone in 2020. The smartphone offers a 6.3-inch PureDisplay display with FullHD + resolution and HDR support. PixelWorks technology allows you to get almost 1 billion of colors on the smartphone screen instead of 17 million.

A triple camera in this price segment will allow you to take stunning photos and videos in 4K quality. The battery in the phone is 3500 mAh. Together with an energy efficient processor, it will last for 2 days of use from a single charge.

Another plus of the Nokia 6.2 is the design in keeping with Finnish traditions. It is with this that he will be able to hook many, because everyone is pretty tired of the usual Chinese smartphones. We want to get aesthetic pleasure even from one glance at a smartphone. And Nokia 6.2 will be able to give these emotions.

On the plus side, we note that the device will receive an update to Android 10 in the future.

Samsung Galaxy A51

List of good Android phones

Galaxy A51 – the best mid-budget phone

This is a new phone that was introduced at the end of 2019 and will be a hit in 2020. In Russia, a phone can be bought for 20 thousand rubles. It offers a limitless display with a cutout for the camera in line with the latest trends. In terms of design, the device is not much different from the flagship Galaxy S20. However, instead of glass, Samsung uses a plastic case in the smartphone, which will not make using it very pleasant, but you should understand that the device does not claim to be premium.

All Korean devices have excellent displays and the A51 should be no exception. The smartphone is equipped with a 2.3 GHz processor, four cameras with neural network technologies, a 6.5-inch Super AMOLED – display with FHD + resolution.

The main camera module in the device is 48 megapixels, with the help of it it will be possible to get excellent shots, filming the beauty of nature all day long. By the way, a large 4000 mAh battery will allow this. It will surely be enough for the whole day.

Galaxy A51 is available with 4 or 6 gigabytes of RAM and 64 or 128 gigabytes of internal memory, it is possible to expand it with a microSD card up to 512 gigabytes.

With Game Booster, you can maximize your phone's gaming performance. The Samsung Members app is built into the phone and the A51 fingerprint scanner is built right into the screen to optimize and protect your smartphone.

Undoubtedly, the Galaxy A51 on the Russian market can be called the most balanced smartphone that fits perfectly into the budget of most citizens and at the same time offers the functionality and features that are most interesting for consumers in 2020.

OnePlus 7T

List of good Android phones

OnePlus 7T is the best flagship

In Russia, the device can be purchased for about 35-45 thousand rubles. This is a real flagship killer from the Chinese. However, you can see that outwardly it looks quite nice and does not seem cheap and Chinese.

The 7T received a powerful new generation processor, a camera that is comparable in quality to the new one iPhone 11. In addition, there is a lot of memory: 8 gigabytes of RAM and 256 gigabytes of built-in. Here is a large 6.55-inch OLED display, a 3800 mAh battery.

Below is a comparison of cameras iPhone 11 Pro and OnePlus 7T.

Here is the entire list of good android phones for readers Android We have a cool Telegram channel with news in the Android world, and do not forget to leave your comments.

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